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Tournament score cheats!!!

Thu, Jan 21 2021 3:39 PM (74 replies)
  • GG2shots
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    Mon, May 19 2014 9:52 PM

    Hello all !!!   I was just wondering how other players get their scores in these ON LINE tournaments.  I see STROKE PLAY scores for 18 holes averaging in the 50's.  Really?  I have played several rounds and consistantly shot in the low to mid 70's every round.   I thought this was a legit site.   I have played CLOSEST TO THE PIN rounds also.  Scoring average anywhere from 100 to 300's or more.  These scores are computed by feet left to the pin after shot.  hmmmmmm...   Can someone explain to me how anyone can have a scores of 19.00 or 21.00's for example playing 18 or even just 9 holes for that matter.  I have those scores after playing 3 or 4 holes, which is great.   I call BS on this mess.  There is NO WAY possible.  Sounds to me like there is a lot of use of CHEAT CODES on this site.  Hey MODULATORS!!, why don't you reign some of this CRAP in?  Are there any legit players on this site that want the CHALLENGE to play a real legit round.  I will even let you pick the course.  NO CHEATS, NO WHAMMI JAMMI SUPER CLUB's, and NO balls that can steer themselves away from HAZARDS that maxed ot your credit card to purchase.  Just an ordinary LEGIT round of golf.  Send message if there are any "Real Players" that want to play.

  • ApexPC
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    Tue, May 20 2014 3:41 PM


    I was just wondering how other players get their scores in these ON LINE tournaments.  I see STROKE PLAY scores for 18 holes averaging in the 50's.  Really? 

    Yes, Really.

    There are WGT players that are consistently that good.

    They don't have to cheat.


  • SPINO1
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    Tue, May 20 2014 3:43 PM

    Yeah im suprised not to see you up the top of the leader boards with 75 ranked rounds under you belt...

  • PhiEaglesFan
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    Tue, May 20 2014 3:46 PM

    Cheat Codes and modulators, eh?  That's pretty fantastic.

  • commonguymd
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    Tue, May 20 2014 4:05 PM

    800 rounds ago I was far more lousy than you are.  I get better every week and am quite average now.  A 70 plus round would P*** me off.  Know the courses.  Know what your clubs will do.  Know the nuances to different shot types.  Upgrade to better equipment when you reach certain levels.  Buy better balls.  Map your clubs as you do get new ones. 

    It's a game.  Nothing more nothing less.  If you want to remain lousy, there are plenty of lousy players.  Millions of them in fact.  Play in your neighborhood if you just want to have some free fun and forget what "others" are doing to better their scores and be consistently good.  Play your own speed and level.


    My two cents.

  • srellim234
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    Tue, May 20 2014 4:19 PM

    The problem, GG2, is that you don't understand how those scores are actually being achieved. 

    You play complete rounds. Most of those "low score" players do not. Sure, it's possible for lightning to strike and get a low score on the first attempt but it doesn't happen often. Most of those players set a score goal for each hole. They start the round all over again if they fail to hit that target on a hole. They might start a tournament round hundreds of times before they actually complete a round and post a score.

    Add to that the fact that many players in the higher tiers have thousands and thousands of complete rounds under their belts. They have a tremendous amount of time, effort and credits invested in this game. They've taken the time to optimize their computers. They have notebooks stuffed with information. They've learned the nuances of the game and the courses. They have a knowledge based on extensive experience far beyond the rest of us. Many are also simply better than we are at playing the game. They are able to post low scores consistently as a result of all that.

    Is there cheating here? Of course. Many of the absurdly low scores being posted at lower tiers are actually upper tier players who have created multiple accounts to take advantage. For the most part WGT won't do much about them because it pads the number of active accounts that WGT can claim as active users to advertisers.

    Most of the upper tier scores are legitimate, though.

    The best thing you can do is play rounds with friends, treat this as entertainment and not fret about being competitive in any WGT sponsored tournaments. Find an honest country club and play those tournaments.

    Only play WGT tournaments when they are free and on courses that normally have green fees. That way you save a few credits and get to play those courses for free. Just don't set any competitive expectations in those tourneys..

  • chrisironsbones
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    Tue, May 20 2014 5:22 PM

    You got to love the same old post "If I cant do It then every one else who can must be a cheat"  Once players actually spend the time learning the game they will start to feel a proper idiot when they look back and read posts like this.

    When I first joined i saw those low scores but I didn't think "oh they must be cheating" I chalenged myself to try and get as good as them,  After a while i started to post decent scores and was happy, and although I might not be quite as good as the elite players here, i'm happy enough with my game.

  • Beryman
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    Tue, May 20 2014 5:35 PM

    these post do get quite annoying 

  • fatdan
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    Tue, May 20 2014 5:52 PM

    YEAH, F^^^ YEAH, Props to ya GG2,  finally someone with the guts to force the modulators to address this cheating problem I too have suspected cheating going on for some time but couldn't muster the courage to bring it out in the open'....

    it's almost like these cheats can slow their meters down or have a program that hits the ding EVERY F"N time, I also suspect they work for WGT and have a code to turn the wind off and nobody ever says a thing about it....

    well finally you have been exposed for what you are and the modulators will be knocking on your door soon so say goodbye to those scores in the 50's  you scum and welcome to the 60's...