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Almost an R1 Thanksgiving

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Sat, Jul 12 2014 1:16 PM (6 replies)
  • Jimbog1964
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    Wed, May 7 2014 11:23 PM

    Here is another puzzler.I just witnessed a saturated legends average go from 67.49 to 67.51 . How is that possible.There is no doubt about what I just saw.


    BTW driver wise don't know why they don't drop the 287 yard drivers a peg or two down.  Score wise they make such little impact, and all it does is annoys.  

    I remember all the fuss about the 287 yard R1 when the next best was L95 R11S (used to be L90 which also annoyed), and the only offerings below were the L88 R11 or (?) L83 G20.   I was below L88 and like what nonsense I was exclaiming and a mod said they think they have it about right.  

    Now of course they are throwing easy to hit 282 yard drivers at L79 at you.  Bit they miss is if they want people to stay motivated the next goal must be realistically achievable and L98 (OK L96 if count the BB) is too far off to do that.  OK WGT want people chasing but that's wildest dreams.........

    Things go way they have they will be doing something soon when they have finished testing the water as to what they can get away with.........BB at L94 and R1 at L86 might be about right.  

    Equipment should be one small part of the carrot with other things such as CCs with loads of ability to do things the main part, but the oil tanker takes time to turn. 

  • CerinoDevoti
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    Thu, May 8 2014 6:34 AM


    It was my most frantic weekend at WGT to date.I don't know if it was the second or third time but it was definitely the last time that the R1 went down to level 93+ special weekend.I was level 92 with I think about 2000 points to go.(btw I have never boosted my xp and didn't think to then).I played my ass off thurs thru sun went through a lakes worth of balls.And  I damn sure made level 93 sunday night.Only problem was I had run myself broke. So I missed out on that 287 yarder.

    If you were playing rounds just for the XP's to get the R1, you could have just used the free ball. Others did it just not to waste good ones in the process..

  • ApexPC
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    Thu, May 8 2014 11:20 AM

    Do you know that many people don't read big solid blocks of text?

  • fatdan
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    Thu, May 8 2014 11:31 AM

    The driver you have is more than enough driver to compete, I would focus on the 245yrd Big Bertha 3 wd and R11 irons, then the driver becomes a moot point.....the level 61 nike ball might help too. more distance and less spin= less deviation....