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Qualifying Round .... TUFF!

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Sun, May 31 2009 9:29 PM (65 replies)
  • FreddyFox
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    Tue, May 26 2009 11:47 AM

    I haven't spent a dime on the site. I've been a member since March and all my clubs were acquired with credits I earned during some of the other tourneys. I also shot 71 in the qualifier and was runner-up in a stroke play event a few weeks back. If you think you have to spend money to be successful on the site, you don't. It's just an excuse for being frustrated. Work harder and just figure out where your misses are supposed to end up so you can get up and down and your scores will drop. It's just a matter of a little persistence and patience, not how much money you spend on the site.

  • AvatarLee
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    Tue, May 26 2009 12:00 PM

    One question... how do you suppose they keep this site running... by sheer charity and good will?!? Of course they need to make money!   Of course it's a business!  They are developing a site that you can play for FREE and have the OPTION to buy upgraded equipment.  You don't have to if you don't want to, but don't expect to perform well in the premier events that come around.  Tell me, if you went out to qualify for the real US Open, would you be using your Walmart set?  I don't think so.  You'd probably be serious enough to go out and get the best set of clubs available to you!

    Having said all that, one flaw (which they acknowledge and are working on) is the ability to reach all the fairways when you are in Multiplayer mode (playing from your tier tees)... so give it a little time and be patient!  A lot of work goes into this free site for your enjoyment!



  • WaterTrap
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    Tue, May 26 2009 12:26 PM

    I agree with Lee 100%.  I get frustrated by the greed of people wanted a perfect game for free.


    This is a business, and the model appears to be generate traffic, and then monetize it.  Be patient.  Rome was not built in a day.


    (sorry had to fix the cap on lee's name for some respect)

  • ShaunMcClarty
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    Tue, May 26 2009 12:36 PM

    yes they are a business who needs to make money. But when I see someone sayin they made this impossible just to make people spend money, I laugh. They made it almost impossible cause its the US Open and the US Open is supposed to be NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. And the new clubs add like 10 yards. Its not like you are buying new clubs and hitting 290. Some of the fiarways I cant reach with the upgraded clubs. It doesnt matter. Just hit your next shot and try to make a score.


    Why does everyone need to dominate video games. Sometimes they are supposed to be hard. When they are too easy, they become no challenge, and thats no fun either. You cant have it both ways. Bethpage in real life is not a fun course by most people's defiitions. But if you really enjoy golf, then you love playing it.

    Most of the people who are complaining about it and acting like they can go shoot better in real life is hilarious. Im a 14 handicap and shot a 107 on bethpage and felt amazing about it. Now im playin this game and i shot 69. Thats basically 40 shots better than real life. Seriously, thats too hard?

  • LarryJ300
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    Tue, May 26 2009 12:37 PM

    I have 1 question and it was for the 18 hole and 9 hole stroke play, I entered them and i started getting lagg type issues on each put and chip, not on the tee's tho, anyways make it short, it cost me the round and now i cannot re-try to redeme my score although the lagg issues was not on my end, it kept giving me popups with error was so bad the 9 hole round i had to bail out was unable to play the round when the bar on the bottom locked up and cause me to over-swing and flub my shot up. Any help with this:  WGT

    Also killer job you guys are doing.

  • ShaunMcClarty
    270 Posts
    Tue, May 26 2009 12:48 PM

    this happens from time to time, usually ive found when the site is busier. It sucks but, it happens. If you can, take the bail out. If your meter starts to skip, just let it go to the end and dont click. The guy swings and misses but it wont count as a stroke.

  • sawyersshaw
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    Tue, May 26 2009 1:18 PM

    how do u get credits and how do u update your clubs???  




  • ShaunMcClarty
    270 Posts
    Tue, May 26 2009 1:19 PM

    you can either win them in tournies or go to the my account page and buy them. Then you use them at the pro shop

  • Nuge
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    Tue, May 26 2009 2:37 PM

    Im having a lot of difficulty, I understand its a US Open course but when you hit the ball perfect out of the rough with a 5 iron and it goes only 50 yards there is a problem

  • ShaunMcClarty
    270 Posts
    Tue, May 26 2009 3:15 PM

    if that actually happened its cause you hit a tree