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WGT Champions League

Fri, Sep 25 2009 8:06 AM (86 replies)
  • jdoggbowler
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    Thu, Jul 2 2009 10:47 AM

    When I tried to view the draw it told me that I did not have permission to view it.  I sent a request for permission then I was able to see the draw.  Is there somewhere I can see the rules on how this tournament works?  Thanks.

  • DarkoPancev
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    Thu, Jul 2 2009 2:08 PM

    "Anyone from any country is allowed to join this tourney, and yes, it is going ahead as planned."

    Contradiction!!! The Weekly Stroke Play 18-hole tournament is open ONLY for 10 countries! It looks like that Champions League tourney rules are made after CLOSING the sign ups, not before OPENING.

    and I also can not view the draw.

  • EllisSpice
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    Thu, Jul 2 2009 4:27 PM

    a. Yes, I did make them up AFTER closing sign-ups, because I didn't know how many people I would have

    b. I didn't notice that fault in my plan, I will fix that tomorrow.

    c. I've heard the problem with the draw has been fixxed, but again I will try to sort that out tomorrow.

  • DustyBalls
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    Thu, Jul 2 2009 7:08 PM

    Sign me up, please. I'm ready for some action.

  • coolswing
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    Fri, Jul 3 2009 3:11 AM

    Now that the organiser of this tournament mentioned that this competition is base on the weekly 18 holes tourney may i make a suggestion.

    This is being a community tournament, ie. we are just playing for fun and the challenge of competing with one another, I think you must involve multiplay.  All the tournaments conducted by wgt are solo play type competition, ie. each player will play the round by themselves and their score will be ranked together with everyone's else.  If you aplly that same concept to this tournament then I am sorry to say it would be just another BORING tournament, not to mention what's the point in that ! Let's get some multiplay going for a change and there are various format you could use:

    • Match play (group of 2 players only)
    • Stroke Play (group of 2 or 3 players only) - the players will act as a marker of the scorecard for one another (that way no cheating with the score)
    • Skins game - individual or team play (use point instead of money) 
    • Stableford (point format) - Individual or team play

    Also team play is another fun possibility, you can try team matchplay or different format like 4 Ball Best Ball.

    All of these formats can be applied to the game here in multiplayer mode without much difficulty.  One major issue which can arise from multiplay based competition is that people can not find a time schedule to meet up for a game. I think there are solutions which will solve this problem for example, group players from similar time zone together so it's convenient as they would normally play at similar time during a day or week.  Basically if you give people enough time say 3-4 days to play their game, I can't see why they could not complete their game in time.  What if even then some players still can not find a suitable time to play together ? I suggest we call that match/ game a draw or tie, and make them share the points or allocate them an average point that does not have an advantage over people who do complete their game.

    I know that there are flaws in some of my ideas, but they are exactly just something which i branstormed in a few minutes.  If you look at some of these options and really think about it I am sure you can come up with a plan or solution that is applicable, and can be accepted by the players participating in the tourney.  I would like to hear what everyone thinks so please have your say and hopefully we can put together a tournament that is truly fun, challenging and exciting.  Finally I would like to say thanks to EllisSpice for taking the time and effort to organise this tournament.

  • EllisSpice
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    Fri, Jul 3 2009 6:43 AM

    May I just say thank you to Coolswing for those great ideas, one of which will most likely be used.

    Unfortunely, in a very, VERY bad piece of timing, I won't be near a computer until Sunday afternoon, meaning that I can't decide anything until then.

    Until then, though, please do comment either on my profile or on here on which system you know should be used, even if it is your idea.

    On the draw page, which hopefully now works, there is now a second draw which is time-zone based, ideal for a multi-palyer tourney.

  • DarkoPancev
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    Fri, Jul 3 2009 4:26 PM

    I completely agree with coolswing. Community tourneys should be fun, challenging and exciting.

    As a big fan of European football alowe me to suggest a two formats of tournament, both based on multyplayer mode:

    1 Regular league system with 4 groups, each with 4 players (football teams). All teams in the group will play each with others. They will report a results and according to them will be create a group standings. Results will be only W, L or tie, no mater of they individual scores in the game. For each W - 3 points, for tie - 1 point and for L - 0 point. The first ones (or the first and the second) in each group will go in semi finals (or 1/4 finals) and so on... In this stage of tourney can be played by the mode best of 3 games (Example A vs B, score 2:1, by the games 34:35, 39:37, 35:37; or score 2,5:0,5 by the games 36:36, 34:36, 35:36). If there will be a ties in all 3 sets, than will be play sudden death in one hole. In this case the both players will have to report a result only of the play in one (or 2, or 3...) hole, couse this game will not be obligatory to get finish.

    2 Cup system like the old UEFA cup. There will be a 8 match plays. Also can be use a mode by best of 3 games. The winners will go in 1/4 finals and the losers can play for standings from 9th to 16th place in the tournament. Also the winners in 1/4 will go in semis and losers can play for 5th to 8th place.

    It can be given a certain decent period of time to the players to make a contact and find a time schedule to meet up for a game.

    These are only suggestions, nothing new, (coolswing also mentioned such a formats) I just wanted, to made them a little bit closer to football nature.


  • coolswing
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    Sat, Jul 4 2009 1:19 AM

    Thank you DarkoPancev for your input, it's a pretty good plan you have there.  This same idea have been used before successfully in the European Tournament (see forum Section), with the exception that there were 6 groups of 4 players with the winners of the group plust the next 2 best 2nd place team advancing on to the 1/4 stage where matchplay format were used until a winner was determined.  I think at present we have something like 32 players registered so there would be 8 group in total.  Here are the some options we could look at:

    • OPTION A:
    •               Stage 1 - Matchplay round robin for each group (9 holes) with the 8 winners advance to the quarterfinal stage (9 holes)
    •                              - Semifinals, Final, and 3rd place playoff (18 holes)
    • OPTION B:
    •               Stage 1 - 2 Stroke Play qualifying rounds (9 +9 holes) using multiplay (group of 2 or 3) with the best 16 advancing on to group stage
    •                              - Use the system as in option A above

    The key here is the length of time for the tournament.  Option A has a total of 48 matches in group play stage and 8 matches for the last stage, total 56 matchplay games.  From my experience this would take approximateup to 4-5 weeks to complete.

    Option B stage 1 would require a minimum of 11 Multiplay games (10 groups x 3 & 1 group x 2) or a maximum of 14 Multiplay games (4 grp x 3 & 10 grp x2).  The most affective configuration would require 13 Multi games (6 grp x 3 & 7 grp x 2). If we use only multi games of 2 players then that would be a total of 16 multi games. Regardless of which configuration we go with, the maximum time needed to complete this stage would 1 week. Add the 4-5 weeks required for the next stage (as above) the Total time to complete 5-6 weeks.

    In my opinion Option A & B are equally good but I lean towards Option B a little as it involves 2 different format stroke play and matchplay at the same time in1 tournament which is interesting and very different.  There would be plenty of motivation to advance to the group stage, very similar to the Champions league at present.  The players eliminated in stage 1 would have played atleast 2 multi games, so the "participation feeling " is certainly there.

    I hope that have given everyone something to think about, ofcourse any other ideas are very welcome here.


  • DarkoPancev
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    Sat, Jul 4 2009 4:26 AM

    Yep, I didn`t know about European tournament, you had a jolly good fun there. Congratulations coolswing ;-). You have much much more expirience in tourneys so Yours suggestions-options are right in place. Option A is a classical World Cup scheme with 32 teams, and option B is a current Champions league scheme with summer (Australian winter, lol) qualifications and autumn group stage. I also think that option B is more interesting, but.... if are there 32 teams. In the draw sheets I see only 16 teams. Also in option B (with 16 teams), the eleminated from qualifications can play in other group stage for standings 9th to 16th so the "participation feeling" will become full participation. I know that there will be a less encurage to play after being eliminated in qualifications, but this is just a touney for fun.

    Collswing`s options are perfect for such 'football" torney, I`m 100% with. Again thanks to EllisSpice for the effort put into this!    

  • plim
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    Sat, Jul 4 2009 1:14 PM

    if its going too follow the same course as the euro champs league the top two in each group qualify for the next round. everybody plays each other twice (home and away) 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw (all square). in the event of a tie on points the tie breaker could be the number of birdies scored in all group matchplay games.

    the next round is then 8 teams 2 groups  winners of groups A and B and runners up from C and D

                                                                              winners of groups C and D and runners up from A and B

                                                                              same format as qualifying groups.

                                                                             winners of both groups play in the final to decide WGT champions