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Putter precision tests - Now with irons!

Fri, Nov 5 2021 10:14 AM (207 replies)
  • Heath021
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    Tue, Apr 14 2015 5:32 PM

    Great work by you guys and I aploud you for the effort.  However, I have the most accurate putter you can buy. Go to a practice round and hit the same putt over and over and see if it reacts the same...I highly doubt it.  I got to 58% one putt and all of a sudden the technique i was using no longer is explain that one. I don't know if the dots are screwed up or my putter is worn out?  lol

    Oh well.

  • xlviii
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    Tue, Apr 14 2015 9:36 PM

    There have been dot issues. I believe most are taken care of, but sometimes they speed up when aiming. Also could be that the putter isn't worn out but you are :-) 

  • 11BC2
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    Mon, Apr 20 2015 11:42 AM

    Putter precision tests - Now with irons!

    Where are the Iron test results?  I can't seem to find them!!??

  • dazbot
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    Mon, Apr 20 2015 6:22 PM

    thanks, really well done ,and interesting.

  • Corwyn
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    Mon, Apr 20 2015 6:24 PM

    They're on page 6!

    This thread started as just Putters, and then Irons were added... but since we've long since moved past p6, it's not surprising they weren't easy to find.

    This is one of the best-concept threads in the forums. It's so great to see it have a continued life, and for there to be testers willing to replicate the methods and share results.

  • 11BC2
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    Mon, Apr 20 2015 7:16 PM

    Thanks Corwyn. 

    I was hoping to see some lower level Irons comparisons but.......Oh Well.  I played some 20 or so Ranked rounds and quite a bit of practice rounds for XP and was curious about the Level 52 and 64 Nikes. 

    And just to throw out there, is there some miracle cure to ranking up fast!?  Lol.  All I've been doing lately is playing 9 holes at Brandon par 3 course hitting every iron at less than 20% so the ball doesn't move (no animation) and repeat that 15X on 9 holes.

    It's a painfully slow process that gets me around 1200-1500 XP an hour.  I want to stop messing around on the Par 3 course and actually Play!, but I need to purchase some more equipment and map everything out.


  • xlviii
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    Tue, Apr 21 2015 10:03 AM

    I don't know about those Nike irons, but it seems pretty unanimous on the L59 Ping G25s. If you can set up a tourney of 18 holes and bang those out super fast, you can get more xp. An 18-hole tourney is 400 xp plus however many shots it takes.

    It would kill your stats, but I think you'll do better just completing 18 holes as quickly as possible instead of taking a 15 on every hole. If you have any ball speed boosts from a CC Clash, this can speed things up a lot. Also, if you want to spend credits, you can buy levels up to 64. I didn't check your stats to see what level you are now.

  • 11BC2
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    Tue, Apr 21 2015 10:19 AM

    Thanks for the replay xlviii ;)

    I've thought about playing 18 holes (+5% over 9) Tournaments but as you say, my stats would be skewed (not trying to sandbag).  That's why I've been doing only practice, A LOT.  I'm already halfway Lvl 52 and I just started playing a few weeks ago.

    Guess I'll just keep putting in several 2-3 hour sessions a day until I reach level 60 (3-4 more days max), at which point I'll pony up 2,000 credits and reach 64.  Not thrilled about paying!!, cause so far I've been able to accumulate on average 350-400 credits a day by watching nothing but videos (15-20 min max).

    The G25s being High trajectory would be wonderful if they had a Lower Meter Rating (they're just too slow).  I am emphatic about matching Driver, Woods, Irons, and Wedges to an Identical Meter Rating (3.5).  That pretty much gives me 1 choice, Lvl 64 Nikes.  But hey, at least they have 4.1 Precision!  Hopefully that helps even out their Medium trajectory.

  • asleept
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    Tue, Jul 14 2015 3:21 PM


    The L35 Ghost Spider does okay, but we see a lot more spread from left to right. Other than 2 putts, the distribution looks almost like the Versa's only turned 90 degrees.

    While distance definitely matters, especially on putts that break sharply, it's obvious that you'll theoretically miss a lot more putts with the Ghost Spider than with the Versa. The Versa's distribution looks to be maybe up to 2 holes wide (or possibly slightly less) while the Ghost Spider's distribution appears to be more than 3 holes wide.

    Anecdotally, the Ghost Spider also seemed to miss much more than the Versa when the putt wasn't dinged. I don't know how to measure that, but it appeared that the aim and the distance were both affected considerably more than with the Versa.

    None of these results are a surprise given the stats listed for each, but I rented the Versa to see if it was worth it to spend my hard-earned credits on a new putter. Not having lots of free videos or surveys to watch or complete means I'm a little stingy on my equipment. From my test, however, it appears it would probably be a good investment for my game to buy the Versa.

    Has anybody tested the Level 33 Versa vs the 35 Ghost Spider?

    While the #s favor the Versa 33, it seems anecdotally the Spider 35 is at least its equal... from the little I've read?  



  • pdb1
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    Thu, Jul 23 2015 12:33 AM

    I just started playing a few weeks ago.


    Is your other ID a TL ?