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NAC Champions - Southeast Region!

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Mon, Aug 31 2009 7:53 AM (184 replies)
  • thunderbird
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    Thu, Aug 27 2009 10:29 AM

    Nivlac thank you for your hours upon hours of hard work.  This tournament has been a real blast and looks as it is going to go down to the wire.  We have two really good teams and I have and will continue to enjoy the competitiveness these community tournies bring.



  • TallAcePaul
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    Thu, Aug 27 2009 11:28 AM

    I would have to agree whole heartedly. This has been a fanatastically run tournament and by far and away the most fun I have had on WGT. Thank you very much Nivlac.  The competition has been top quality and the final looks like being a fitting end to the tourney (apart from my lame final effort).

    Thanks all involved.

  • nivlac
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    Fri, Aug 28 2009 8:52 PM

    Just over 2 days left in the NAC Championship and it's about as even as it can get.  The International region has 3 players left to play and they hold a slim two stroke advantage over the Southeast region who still has 3 players left to play.  This could go either way as we wind down to the final weekend!

    Good luck to the remaining 7 players!

  • nivlac
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    Sat, Aug 29 2009 4:16 PM

    Just over 32 hours left to go and the Southeast has jumped out to a 6 stroke advantage with just 1players left to play.  The 2 remaining International players must shoot a combined 11-under par to overtake the Southeast !

    The Southeast currently holds the 6th place tiebreaker, so the International team needs to better their score by 7 strokes (11 under) at this point to win the tournament!

    Things can still change up as those last minute scores come in!  Stay tuned!


  • Zippy-Pivot
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    Sat, Aug 29 2009 10:40 PM

    Wow.............3.5 months later and still goin.................down to the wire.............I feel the pressure. Great tourney, awesome job Nivlac. Tip of the hat!!

  • nivlac
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    Sun, Aug 30 2009 1:30 AM

    It all comes down to this.

    One player still to play for each team, but all eyes are on International team member welshwizard1 .  The way the scores currently stand he will need to shoot a 6-under par 64 to claim victory for the International team.  If a 64 is carded for the Internationals (and assuming the Southeast does not better their score), the 7th place tiebreaker and the NAC Championship will belong to them.

    3 and a half months and it will all be decided by the actions of 2 players in the next 11 hours!  It doesn't get much better than this! =D

    Good luck to EZ5757 & welshwizard1 !!

  • iowankid
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    Sun, Aug 30 2009 3:46 PM

    Well done teams.  Im sure that some of you wish the tables were turned, but this was a great showing on behalf of both teams.  Well played.

    Niv, thanks again for the opprotunity to play in this tourney.  It was well run, lots of fun, and a wonderful way for many on these teams (speaking for myself really) to meet some wonderful competitors and friends.

    Take care everyone hope to see you on the course soon.

    BTW, CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!!! (Still not final as of this post)



  • coolswing
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    Sun, Aug 30 2009 11:24 PM

    I'd like to be the first to congrats captain Smoothswinger and the Southeast Region Team for a very good win in the Final Week of the NAC.  Thanks guys for a truly competitive, great finishing and excellent play in the Final here.  

    I'd also like to take this oppotunity to congrats all the Players in International Team for a wonderful effort though out the competition.  They've played very well and showed great teamwork and in particular their spirited fighting qualities in difficult situations is second to none, great stuffs guys.  I'm very proud of their performances and considered myself very lucky to be a part of this team, thanks very much guys.

    Last but not least of all I'd like to thanks nivlac for his great work in organizing this fantastic tournament.  I'm sure that I'm speaking for a lot of players on this site when i say that no one can run a tournament like nivlac, a wonderful job man.  Thanks for all your hard work and the effort you've put in to create events like this for the community of players on here.  

    It's been a long but most rewarding experience i've had since I started here and I look forward to be part of the NAC next time.  Thank you to all the players involved, it's been great competing and meeting some of you during this competition and I just can't wait until next time.

  • paulmcm
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    Mon, Aug 31 2009 12:17 AM

    Well done southeast region on taking the crown, it was a very close competition as it has been for past couple of months.

    Thanks to Coolswing for being an excellent captain and encouraging all of our players and getting the best from the team, even when he had far more important matters to deal with. Well done to the rest of the Int team, i'm sure we can go one better next time!

    Thanks to Nivlac for organising everything, an exceptional job.

    Roll on the Ryder Cup.


  • TallAcePaul
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    Mon, Aug 31 2009 2:07 AM

    Well done Southeast congratulations on your win, I think we were the 2 sides that really played as teams and it showed. I think you deserevd this on the form you have shown since the end of the regular system which has been very good and heavy scoring.