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NAC Champions - Southeast Region!

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Mon, Aug 31 2009 7:53 AM (184 replies)
  • nivlac
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    Tue, May 12 2009 3:27 PM

    NAC Banners by: Jarid


    DISCLAIMER:  This tournament is not sponsored by the World Golf Tour.  There are no prizes for this tournament, only regional bragging rights!


    8/31 Final Update :

    North American Challenge Scoreboard - NAC Championship

    -  The North American Challenge is over !!


             North American Challenge Champions

                    Southeast Region



    Championship Week Wrap-up :

    -  The Southeast Region has won the North American Challenge by defeating a resilient International Region in the final by a score of 320 (-30) to  323 (-27) !

    -  Congratulations to BeachGolf , dud_doodle , EZ5757 , JALAII , jcsxfiles , schanck11 , TaterNater , thunderbird and Southeast Region Captain SmoothSwinger on an outstanding championship season!  Things looked bleak for the Southeast after the first week of play, but a strong comeback in the final four weeks of the regular season combined with a dominating post season performance proved to be the recipe for success!

    -  A round of applause to coolswing and the International Region players as well.  Although they came up just a hair shy of glory in the finals, the regular season champions have no reason to hang their heads.  Congratulations on a stellar season guys and I hope to see you all back again next time around!

    -  Thank you so much to all the players and captains who participated this year.  I am sincerely humbled by the amount of folks who have said this was an important tournament to them.  A lot of players took this as serious competition and it really shows in the turnout and participation levels.  I hope you all enjoyed playing this as much as I enjoyed putting it on!  Thank you again!

    Sign ups for the 2010 All World Challenge begin next May!


    Playoff Contenders:

    -  The International Region has won the regular season title!

    -  The Southeast Region has clinched a playoff spot!

    -  The Pacific Region has clinched a playoff spot!

    -  The Canadian Region has clinched the final playoff spot!


    Season Medalist Honors :

    AvatarLee wins the NAC medalist race with a tourney average of 62.5 !

    gitthe takes the silver with a tournament average of 65.17 !

    coolswing grabs the bronze with a tournament average of 65.67 !

    Congratulations to these top NAC performers!

    -  View the final medalist standings by clicking the scoreboard link above!


    Captains :

    -  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your teams!

    -  Setting aside any expansion, or regional changes, all captains are invited to return to captain their teams again next year and will be given first choice!


    Team captains should post players' scores HERE   (CAPTAINS ONLY! )

  • nivlac
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    Tue, May 12 2009 3:30 PM

      Click the mini map to display the full size pic!

    Important Notes

    - This tournament is for Amateur, Pro & Master tier players only!

    - You must play for the region of your physical residence.  Thus, if you are normally from Texas, but are temporarily going to school in Florida, you would sign up for the Heartland Region.

    - Captains have the final say regarding their own rosters.

    - The first meet starts on Monday, June 29th with the Week 27 18-Hole Stroke Play tournament!

    How This Tournament Will Work

    - Players will play a "season" of weekly 18-hole single-play stroke tournaments during the month of July & part of August.  The season will consist of six (6) consecutive weekly events with each event being considered a "meet".

    - All members from every region will compete in the required events.  Teams will be competing against all other teams at the same time.

    - The lowest five (5) posted stroke play scores from each team will be combined and used as the team's total stroke play score for the meet.

    Reporting Scores

    - Players should report their scores to their Captain's wall immediately upon completion of the weekly event.

    - Captains will verify the player's score and report it to the official NAC score sheet.

    Points and Scoring

    - Teams will score points based on their overall finish in each meet.

    - Each week after the 1st meet will see an increase in points available. This will allow teams who start slow to still finish strong and have a chance to make the playoffs.  This also means that each meet will be become progressively more important as the season nears it's end, much like the Fed-Ex playoff system on the PGA Tour.

    - The point totals available for each meet/week are as follows:

    - Week 1 Points: 1st(50), 2nd(45), 3rd(40), 4th(35), 5th(30), 6th(25), 7th(20), 8th(15), 9th(10)

    - Week 2 Points: 1st(55), 2nd(50), 3rd(45), 4th(40), 5th(35), 6th(30), 7th(25), 8th(20), 9th(15)

    - Week 3 Points: 1st(60), 2nd(55), 3rd(50), 4th(45), 5th(40), 6th(35), 7th(30), 8th(25), 9th(20)

    - Week 4 Points: 1st(80), 2nd(70), 3rd(60), 4th(50), 5th(40), 6th(35), 7th(30), 8th(25), 9th(20)

    - Week 5 Points: 1st(100), 2nd(90), 3rd(80), 4th(70), 5th(60), 6th(50), 7th(40), 8th(30), 9th(20)

    - Week 6 Points: 1st(130), 2nd(115), 3rd(100), 4th(85), 5th(70), 6th(55), 7th(40), 8th(35), 9th(30)

    Regular Season Tie-Breakers

    - Any ties between teams during the regular season will be settled by adding up the point values for the tied places and splitting the points evenly among the teams involved in the tie.

    Post Season

    -  The four (4) teams with the highest accumulated point totals after the regular season will be invited to an elimination style playoff during the end of August to determine the champion!

    -  The post season will consist of three (3) meets after the conclusion of the regular season with each meet eliminating the highest scoring squad from contention.

    Post Season Tie-Breakers

    -  If there is a tie for highest score in the post season, teams will break the tie by comparing the 6th ranked players scores.  The lowest score will break the tie.  If the 6th ranked players are tied, then we'll move to the 7th and so on until the tie is broken. 

    -  If a team only has 8 players, then only the top 8 scores will be used for the tiebreaker.  Teams will not be assessed a penalty for not carrying extra players. 

    -  Any players that do not post scores in the post season are subject to an automatic score of 100 should a tie-breaker comparison be necessary.

    -  If the tie cannot be broken using the above method, Captains will play a 1 on 1 9-hole stroke play match to decide the winning team.  If the scores are still tied after 9 holes, the Captains will continue hole for hole play until one player wins.


    Captain's List:

    Atlantic Region - ShaunMcClarty

    Pacific Region - CaptainCouples

    Great Lakes Region - Thetruth67

    New England Region - ZACHT

    Southeast Region - SmoothSwinger

    Heartland Region - claremoreblue

    International Region - coolswing

    Carolina Region - lilrob88

    Canadian Region - AvatarLee

  • coolswing
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    Tue, May 12 2009 9:51 PM

    Hi Nivlac.  Would you consider entry for a team of combined players from countries other than the USA ? It would be great as i know many players from european countries and also from other country such as Australia & Canada are interested in playing in this tourney.  Would certainly add a bit of spice to this tournament and also attract more good players to the tournament.  Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  • nivlac
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    Wed, May 13 2009 12:16 AM

    Well, when this was being planned there were only a few countries that were eligible to play in the weekly stroke tournaments.  Recently there has been a flood of new countries added to the list that weren't there during the initial planning stage.

    Coolswing, if you are able to gather a field of 6-10 players from the other countries who will commit to play, then I will make an International Region and allow you guys to enter the tournament as well. 

    Canada already has 2 regions, so your choices would be limited to the UK, Germany, Australia, Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain,  & South Korea.

    Let me know!

  • goldenglove
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    Wed, May 13 2009 10:27 AM

    hey nivs i live in the atlantic region, but i vote 4 you too be capt   your skills are greatly used if so. but i wanna play so   lets us atlantic region players know ?

  • nivlac
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    Wed, May 13 2009 9:14 PM

    Being captain is a pretty light responsibility for this event and to be honest, I'd rather just play and let someone else take charge of the, for example. ;)

    Starting to get some signups already, thanks for the interest so far.  Keep it coming!

  • salamii
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    Thu, May 14 2009 3:12 PM

    any ams out on the west coast please show yourself, captaincouples is looking for players to fill out our team.

  • TXBowhunter
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    Thu, May 14 2009 3:14 PM it all makes sense.  I am moving on June 8th, to the Mid-west region.  Is that area spoken for?

  • nivlac
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    Thu, May 14 2009 4:11 PM

    Nope, no one from the midwest region yet, though when I made this map I was worried about populating seperate Midwest and Deep South teams.  Depending how things shake out I may end up combining those two regions anyway, especialy since coolswing is really charging forward on gathering up a team for the International Region.

  • CaptainCouples
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    Thu, May 14 2009 4:21 PM

    Thank you nivlac for considering me for the Captain's Call. As you have read from salamii I have a 2 man dream team put together. Look out everyone. No serious, I am going to make an honest attempt to find at least 6 more West Coast Amatures and 4 Sandbagging Hacks to make a team. If I have any sucess with this task I will Captain this region if the position is still available. I have filled out the necessary information on the above link. If you happen to know anyone who resides in the 3 states in this region. Please let me know. Questions, comments or concerns. Please let me know that as well. Thank you again. CC....