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Golf Balls Are Too Expensive by Nordglanz

Tue, Mar 15 2022 4:14 PM (58 replies)
  • WGTdbloshoe
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 2:55 PM

    Per players request posting the original post.  Please this time keep in civil.


    Hello im new to the forum and joined the game almost one month ago.

    I really liked the game from the beginning and soon thought it was worth it to upgrade my clubs. I thought the prices were rather high but maybe not unfair, the site has to make money and all that.

    What bothers me however and has me considering quitting the game is the incredibly high prizes of golf balls and the little duration they have. I have been playing this game a lot and go through about one sleeve of balls per day (maybe two balls if I don't lose any into the water or some other hazard).

    I went through the forums here and read that someone made a comparison on prizes of real Callaway balls and the virtual Callaway balls. The prize of the virtual balls is higher then the real ones! The story is totally different when it comes to virtual clubs. Look at the R11 driver for example. Real one costs 429,99 dollars but in the game it costs 24,95 dollars.

    Why not sell the virtual R11 driver and other clubs for the same as the real ones cost? Because people would find it outrageous and nobody would ever upgrade their gear. So why does it work overpricing the balls? Simple. People who buy good balls have made progress in the game and understand the importance of having balls with good stats. They don't want to play with the free table tennis ball.

    Decent balls cost 400 credits or 4 dollars. For a player who plays the game much its 30x4=120 dollars a month. I don't mind paying a gaming site few dollars a month 20-30 maybe but this is too much.

    I have had talks with many players about this in the game chat room. Most agree with me. Others don't complain or use the argument "it's still cheaper then real golf". That argument is so weak it really takes a new thread to show how stupid it is.

    I have few suggestions on what to do.

    1. Lower the cost of all balls between 30-50%

    2. Make the balls last longer.

    3. Introduce "ball of the week" deal where one type of ball is sold much cheaper then the normal price.

    4. Let players get subscription to the game. 20-30 dollars a month, where they can get unlimited balls of their own choices.

    5. Stop this nonsense with losing balls. In real golf people have the option to retrieve some balls that go into water, weeds etc. Let people keep the ball as long as the duration lasts.

  • DAZZA501
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 3:07 PM

    Sometimes i think players will buy balls of a price they can't afford. If you're new to the game then stick to the cheaper balls. Some of the wgt balls are actually very good for the price. The better you get then the better ball you should buy.

    It's true though that at the top end of the game you need the best balls in order to compete. But the thing is top players can keep themselves in balls by winning enough from ready go's & matchplays.

    A good idea would be for Wgt to sell boxes of 12 balls at a cheaper rate than buying 4 sleeves of 3 just like in a real pro shop.


  • Mushy01
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 3:20 PM



    A good idea would be for Wgt to sell boxes of 12 balls at a cheaper rate than buying 4 sleeves of 3 just like in a real pro shop.



  • creamer444
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 3:34 PM

    yep thats a good point. last time i baught balls was 8 sleeves of rzns not cheap. its getting 2 exspensive for me 2 now. cheaper buying the real balls. and if mines goes into the weeds i go in after it and get it back.

  • alanti
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 3:34 PM

    Firstly sorry that your original thread was hijacked.

    I don't think there is a player here that thinks balls are cheap. However for the enjoyment the game gives me, I consider this game good value and we do have a choice of what balls to use.

    However what many players forget is that WGT is first and foremost a business. And balls are their biggest revenue stream from us players.

    So my reducing the price on balls means that their revenue drops, profits decrease and future development would suffer.

    For me the ball useage is better than I get in real life as I use a new ball every round, so I am not the best person to get a comment from, My used balls are then used solely for practice.

    I agree WGT could have "deals"on balls, but personally would like to see a "bulk" price incentive - but again that in turn reduces revenue, so perhaps even as a marketing tool from time to time.

    Subscriptions IMO will not work. Many players would choose not to subscribe and for those high users, then again I harp back onto the fact of revenue loss. No business in their right mind will choose a $30.00 monthly income if those same people are spending $120.00 as you say.

    Lost balls are a part of golf,whether in real life or on here - however I have suggested that a random replacement ball be found under some circumstances before (like in real golf, you lose your ball from a rank shot, but find a different ball in its place when searching).

    To sum up, yes it can cost a lot to play, but we have a choice and unlike real golf.we can earn credits via the offers for just the cost of your time. Wgt is a business and we do not know, nor will never know how profitable it is without seeing their financial accounts, but what they have delivered is a great game.

    But I also agree that WGT should do more to "look after" their customers and listen to the feedback. Yes ball prices are steep, but if they were too high people would simply stop buying or buy cheaper balls, as I said, we do have some choice.

  • hamburner
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 4:20 PM

    Excellent post...excellent point. Balls are way overpriced and now I've noticed that they are lasting at least half the time that they use to, assuming your not loosing them.  I never actually kept track of how many hits a ball took before it was replaced, but I do know this...I play pretty much every day. Normally one round with a couple practice holes thrown in for good measure. A ball would last me at least a a ball with the same durability factor (all seem to be just over 2) are being replaced about every 3 to 4 rounds or days. 

    I'm sure they see the balls as their "cash cow", so to speak...but as soon as I bought 15 of the Nike 20XI-X, they started being replaced at an alarming rate. I bought them on June in 23 calendar days, I have gone through 11 balls (Nike XI-X). 

    I guess they figure I'll just keep buying more, but I'm so disgusted with this blatant "cash grab" that as soon as these last 4 balls are gone, so am I. One last with your dollars, people!  If we keep putting up with stuff like this, nothing will change.

  • alosso
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 4:21 PM

    However what many players forget is that WGT is first and foremost a business. And balls are their biggest revenue stream from us players.

    Put this on top of the discussion and you'll discover that the whole OP's argument is void.

    Any change in ball consumption conditions favourable to the players will automatically be compensated by higher ball prices. We will not gain a single credit!

    Those who whine because of "too expensive balls" will have to recognize that it's their choice:

    You can play any ball you can afford, and the game will continue!

  • creamer444
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 4:21 PM

    whole site is a rip of. wouldent be as bad if the clubs done what they say they do in the shop b4 we waisted real money on them.

  • alanti
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 4:42 PM


    whole site is a rip of. wouldent be as bad if the clubs done what they say they do in the shop b4 we waisted real money on them.

    Well sorry, I would hate to see how low your score would be then. Been a while since you shot a score north of 30. Sort of amuses me the rants about being hard done by when scoring is so low. Just saying.


  • creamer444
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    Tue, Jul 16 2013 4:47 PM

    but why do i have to keep away from my 8 and 9 irons thats my point there a total lottery taiking a 3 wood of some tees now to avoid using those irons total bs that is.