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Favorite golf course

Mon, Jan 13 2014 1:37 AM (56 replies)
  • davep043
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    Thu, Apr 12 2012 7:21 AM

    By now Geoff has played, hopefully has played well.  How about letting us know your impressions, experiences, etc.

  • Strykergeoff
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    Thu, Apr 12 2012 10:03 AM

    Hello All,

    Firstly, apoligies for the delay in writing this report of my trip to the home of golf as I have been extremely busy since my return. We arrived in St. Andrews late on Monday night(02/04/12) and settled into a few drinks before hitting the bed for some badly needed sleep. We were staying at the Rusucks hotel which is situated overlooking the 1st and 18th of the Old Course. The staff, locsation, service and fine food were just perfect, highly recommend it.  4 of our group were playing the Old Course at 07.20 in the moring. My group of 4 weren't playing it untill the wednesday and were we lucky. We awoke tuesday morning at 08.00 to 50 mph winds with rain and hail stone thrown in for good measure. As my group settled into a fine scottish breakfast looking over the 1st teebox and 18th green we only felt pity for our fellow players who very out in the most horrible conditionds I have ever seen on a golf course. To their credit they finished the round but you could tell there was a touch of disappointment.

    We were down to play the Jubilee course at 13.20. As you can imagine we were keeping a close eye on the weather. We headed to the golf range a few hours before teeing off and we had gret difficulty in controlling the ball flight in the high winds. We decided to give it a go and tee'd of on our alloted time. We played the round in the worst wind i have ever struck a ball in but got lucky as it did not rain once on us, this made the round just bareable. Played OK but found it hard to score. It's a great course but would have liked if the weather was better. Happy enough with our start anyway. Something to eat and off to bed for the big day.

    Woke Wednesday moring to sunshine and a lovely stiff wind that was forecasted to die down as the day went on. Perfect links weather. Breakfast and off to the range again. We all agreed the range was the reason we played so well during the week, a defo for all who are serious about there golf. We were teeing off at 11.20 and had arranged one caddie. Easiest day the caddie ever had as we carried our own bags and he just gave us lines on driving, putting and told us about the history of the place. By far the best money we spent all week, he was fantastic and a real character. It is hard to put in words the tee off from the 1st. It was a very nervy feeling, I chose to take a rescue club off the tee as we had a down wind shot, unfortunally it was to much and I ended up in the Swilcan Burn. From there on I hit the ball very solid and was staring to put a great score together after nine holes. I had set myself a target of 80 strokes and I was looking like I could make it. I drove the par 4 12th and was staring down an eagle but had to settle for a birdie, really happy with it though. The 13 is where i found a spot on bother. I hit a wild slice which caught the cross wind and disappeared into thick gourse never to be seen again. I reloaded for my third  and managed to get down in a 5, big escape. On we went and all four of us were playing well above our usual standard, it did help that we were playing for a few pounds!! The 17th and 18th are just magic. Between the hotel, road hole bunker, Swilcan bridge and the valley of sin it was an unbelievable feeling to be playing and walking where all the past and present greats have travelled before. Walking up the 18th fairway in beautiful spring sunshine and looking around at the old historic town is a feeling I will never forget. Finished the last 4 holes par,par,bogey, par, I was estatic. Finished up with a vey respectable 82. Time to celebrate with a few drinks and something to eat, great night had by all.

    Woke thursday with a bit of a sore head. We decided to play the New Coure before we headed for home that evening. Again, a really good course. The body was feeling a bit sore as I think the extreme weather of the first day started to tell. By time we finished we were all looking forward to going home.

    All 8 of us had a fantastic time and will befo be making a trip back in the future. As with all these trips the discussion turns to where to go next year, so any suggestions greatly accepted. I didn't intend on writing such a long post but it was hard to stop once my mind started wondering back to a fantastic 3 days at the home of golf. If you are still reading this, thank you for your patience and happy golfing



  • Doublemochaman
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    Thu, Apr 12 2012 11:26 AM

    Geoff... that was a great read.  I was there with you on every shot.  'Tis what golf is all about:  Good friends, camaraderie, an excellent course, feisty weather/or sunny weather, a few good shots, good food, good lodging and good drinks after the round.

  • davep043
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    Thu, Apr 12 2012 1:06 PM
    Geoff, thanks for the great report. Reading your words brought back the feelings I had last year, I was smiling the whole time. I'll be sure to post something when I get back in June. For next year, if you're looking at Scotland again, I'll suggest Dornoch, north of Inverness. In my very limited Scottish experience, Royal Dornoch was my favorite course. Also within a relatively short distance of Inverness are Nairn, site of this year's Curtis Cup, and Castle Stuart, site of last year's Scottish Open, as well as a number of lesser-known but still excellent courses. If you're interested in coming to the States, I can highly recommend the Pinehurst, NC area, but that might be another thread. And please don't apologise for running long, I enjoyed every bit of your post. Dave
  • alosso
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    Thu, Apr 12 2012 2:51 PM

    Ty for the nice report Geoff!

    You certainly enjoyed it all, the country, the weather, the courses.

    You reanimated my memories of the Old Course (walked it on Sunday w/o clubs) and Jubilee which we played in finest summer weather. Sometimes on the virtual 1st green I see the clubhouse which hosted our post-round sips, then overlooking the New Course...

    As for the next trip(s), there is plenty to visit:


    Dornoch + Tain + Brora (Northern Highlands)...

    (only a few highlights of the 500+ Scottish courses)

    Royal St. Georges...

    Your fine Irish courses...

    Have fun!!

  • GaryKoop
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    Fri, Apr 13 2012 10:23 AM

    My favourite is on Brighton seafront here in sunny England, you have to putt over bridges and through windmills, humps n bumps..... Its crazy!  :)


    Serious... My favourite is East Sussex national, its about 10 miles from where I live, the pro's played there on their European tour. The greens are made up of Kentucky bluegrass, its not blue when standing on them, but as you approach the greens walking down fairways you can see a blue tinge to them.  Great course, try it if you are down that way.

  • danohi50
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    Tue, Jun 5 2012 10:06 PM

    Ty Geoff for your great post. I'll never be able to play the old course in real life (thanks to some nasty hdcp's,) but your description with alittle imagination on my part, made me feel like I was really there. TY very much for that!

  • alosso
    20,558 Posts
    Tue, Jun 5 2012 11:07 PM

    Only the Old Course is handicap limited, the "New" and "Jubilee" (all built in the 19th century) are on the same grounds and free in this regard. Also, access to tee times is easier and cheaper.

    On Sundays, ev1 can walk the Old Course (closed for golfing, guided tours available) because this is public ground.

  • scottishbloke
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    Wed, Jun 6 2012 7:14 AM

    championship course it once a month with friends who are members of one of the adjoining courses.a tough ask even better when the north sea gales come in.also scotscraig near tayport fife.great links course.

  • bearclaw27
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    Fri, Jun 8 2012 2:47 PM

    I've been fortunate enough to play 3 of the top 100 ranked courses in the world...2 of them are Baltustrol, and Somerset Hills, both located here in NJ...

    However, the best track I have ever played is 'Casa de Campo' (aka 'the Teeth of the Dog) in the Dominican Republic...It's ranked 48th in the world, and it's well worth the trip...