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Yancy Alien Hunting On Golf Course -- Shocking End!

Wed, Sep 27 2023 1:06 PM (1,337 replies)
  • txzdave
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    Sun, Apr 23 2017 3:49 AM

         They cain't see me, Brother. I tried....

                 They just cain't see me.

                           I'm reachin' out with alligator arms.

                                     Cain't reach further.......

                    ~txz~                                                         ~Dave~


  • YancyCan
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    Tue, Apr 25 2017 1:04 PM

    --- Time-Travel Tuesday ---

  • pmm711
    5,599 Posts
    Tue, Apr 25 2017 7:37 PM


    --- Time-Travel Tuesday ---

    SUBJECT: I am Yancy Flop Shot Tutorial - Best Shot Out of Sand

    Yo Yancy,

    Crazy I find this the day you posted your Time-Travel Tuesday video...

    It appears the aliens don't agree that the flop shot is your best option to get out of want you to use their "New Alien 2" as they say it's "Your Best Shot Out Of The Sand".  It also appears the aliens know the importance of having a great short game as they state, "Focus on your Short Game....WE DID".  They're flaunting their abilities and trying to get us to "Purchase Now".  It appears to be an "Alien Brainwashing" tactic to me.

    I wonder if WGT will stock these in their Pro Shop for you?  Check out the site....these alien golfers manufacture their own clubs...

    I also want you to watch the following demo the aliens produced to show how effective their club can be.  You can hear the initial voice over is done by an alien as the voice is so robotic.  It seems they're getting poised to take over the golfing world.

    They have a logo and all...they are definitely planning an attack on the golfing world... 

    I believe this needs to be a "priority" thing you'll know they'll be selling via Amazon Prime.



  • stevereilly
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    Wed, Apr 26 2017 2:37 AM

    I'm reaching out to Yancy and the rest of the Alien ambassadors.   Please help find Oakmont.

    I'm sure I played here on WGT many times but  it's gone.....

  • drmoose
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    Wed, Apr 26 2017 3:55 AM

    This is most unusuable, first we gots disappearin' avatars on Pinehurts, an' now we gots a whole disappearin' golf course. Nows, I'm talkin' puff a smoke, abree-ca-dab-ree, hasta la veesta, no mas, type chit. Iffin' I weren't currently in some type of interdimensional wormhole, I'd be pretty effin' worried. I'll have my sources look into it Steve.

    Doc :)

  • txzdave
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    Wed, Apr 26 2017 4:27 AM

        I just got back to find the stars misplaced......And a smell of a world that is burned.

                         Thin ice is not solid.......

                                           Glad I met mine.

                        Not enough hits.......

                                                Not enough hits.

                                         Easier to find games with less traffic.......Oh F......

                           All my Love..........


  • txzdave
    1,316 Posts
    Wed, Apr 26 2017 4:34 AM

                 I think I'm here........

      gettin' worried, though....

                                ~glowin' eyes Cat~

  • Paiger
    3,333 Posts
    Wed, Apr 26 2017 4:38 AM


    I'm reaching out to Yancy and the rest of the Alien ambassadors.   Please help find Oakmont.

    I'm sure I played here on WGT many times but  it's gone.....



    WGTicon United States
    12,306 Posts
    04-26-2017 2:47 AM




    Our agreement with the course has ended, so it’s no longer playable on WGT.



  • YancyCan
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    Wed, Apr 26 2017 1:50 PM


    I'm reaching out to Yancy and the rest of the Alien ambassadors.   Please help find Oakmont.

    I'm sure I played here on WGT many times but  it's gone.....

    OK....we gots us some paranormal activities goin' on all up here on the WGT
    Now -- just yesterday at this time everyone what be going invisible mode with their WGT avatars and all thats. Things are disappearing, going into a "cloaked" mode (did  someone tell Icon about my drones on the WGT servers?), or rolling with invisibilities.

    This is outrageous, its contagious, and makes a feller have night tremors and such. Now what I need to talk about is yesterday when choosing what hat to wear up to and out on the local golfing course (aka alien base) - I picked my Oakmont US Open hat, which I have worn about 3x only. Remember, this be prior to Oakmont being found missing.

    We have heard the alleged reasons and whatbnots, but people come on now - we know that they don't want us to know what they know. Things becoming "unseeables" started with WGT avatars and now --- entire golf courses. Like we all have fallen into a hole or are stuck in some other dimensionable - 4th or 5th is my guess.

    (hope this post is not invisibles)

    Wells, of course the video linkage code is not working in the WGT forums for this video. Below is a click-linker - There is always a way to get around their shenanigans. Skip the unclickable video box below and hit the blue linker to watch my night tremors last night.

    Footage Via Motion Activated Cam
    Taken at 2:10 AM PST 4/26/2017
    -- Now I (my name is Yancy) fell asleep and such reading "The Golfing Machine" and don't recall any of this or whatbnots. What is most unusuables here is I had been wearing my Oakmont Golf Course US Open hat the whole day prior to this course going invisible all up on the this same evening. Possibly even at the EXACT SAME TIME?  -- @TeamYancy

  • YancyCan
    3,027 Posts
    Wed, Apr 26 2017 3:46 PM

    Now for any "non-believers" and such, I offer up my SOLID documentables. Which are the key to any paranormable investigation. Here is the original motion-cam video file & I am showing the "details/properties" of said file. (you be lookins at a screen cap of my desktopcomputer)

     You will see the camera timestamps every video and whatnots --- here we see it went down at: 2017-4-26-00-56 aka 12:56 AM last night:

    Sincerely, I am Yancy