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Yancy Alien Hunting On Golf Course -- Shocking End!

Fri, Aug 14 2020 12:23 PM (1,324 replies)
  • YancyCan
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    Wed, Mar 22 2017 12:04 PM

  • BIGAL123
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    Wed, Mar 22 2017 4:38 PM

    Yancy -  I want you to be the first to sign up for this great offer.

    On Tuesday, Milwaukee-based Marcus Resorts & Hotels announced its “innovative and extreme” special promotions for golf fans in connection with the U.S. Open Golf Championship, which is scheduled from June 12-18 at Erin Hills in the Town of Erin.

    Topping the list is the “Fairways and Airways” package. For $6,999, you get a two-night stay at one of Grand Geneva’s recently renovated three-bedroom villas. You get four tickets to U.S. Open, with hospitality tent access that includes a full open bar.

    But perhaps best of all in the “Fairways and Airways” package is that you get round-trip scenic helicopter transportation to a landing spot near the links, and ground transport from there to Erin Hills.

    When the helicopter whisks you back to Grand Geneva, the group can enjoy an in-villa dining experience with the resort’s executive chef.

    Probably only cost a grand, or so to fly to Wisconsin from Oregon.


  • YancyCan
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    Sat, Mar 25 2017 11:32 AM

    with hospitality tent access that includes a full open bar.

    What about the buffet?
    Man's gotta eat -- Sayin
    --- Yance

  • YancyCan
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    Sat, Mar 25 2017 11:33 AM

  • YancyCan
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    Sat, Mar 25 2017 11:35 AM

    In Irish mythology, Ériu (Irish pronunciation: [ˈeːrʲu]; modern Irish Éire), daughter of Ernmas of the Tuatha Dé Danann, was the eponymous matron goddess of Ireland.
    The English name for Ireland comes from the name Ériu and the Germanic (Old Norse or Old English) word land.

    Since Ériu is represented as goddess of Ireland, she is often interpreted as a modern-day personification of Ireland, although since the name "Ériu" is the older Irish form of the word Ireland, her modern name is often modified to "Éire" or "Erin" to suit a modern form.

    -- Via the Waki

    -- I am Yancy


  • YancyCan
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    Sat, Mar 25 2017 11:37 AM

    With her sisters, Banba and Fódla, she was part of an important triumvirate of goddesses. When the Milesians arrived from Galicia, each of the three sisters asked that their name be given to the country. This was granted to them, although Ériu (Éire) became the chief name in use. (Banba and Fódla are still sometimes used as poetic names for Ireland, much as Albion is used as a poetic name for Great Britain.)

    Ériu, Banba and Fódla are interpreted as goddesses of sovereignty.
    According to the 17th-century Irish historian Geoffrey Keating (Seathrún Céitinn), the three sovereignty goddesses associated with Éire, Banbha and Fódla were Badb, Macha and The Morrígan

    --- Need a starting off point so here we go

    Be Safe, I am Yancy

  • shovlovin
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    Sun, Mar 26 2017 2:15 PM

    At last i have found the Aliens Bedspring whilst putting uphill at the 16th at Pebble Beach, propped up against the tree, the question is when do they use this ?

  • drmoose
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    Mon, Mar 27 2017 5:08 AM


    Screen caps are most helpful  in these investigatables. With a good screen cap & enough determination, all shots on WGT are duplicatable, so's we can then confirm the confirmation of the occasion ( allegedly ).

    Doc :)

  • YancyCan
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    Mon, Mar 27 2017 8:07 PM

    Nice Investigatable Find ShovLovin -- !
    Our Robot Spider & both Drones (Nancy & Raquel) are "takin' a closer peek around" on this --- I do have me theories, will post the findables on the ASAPS.

    Well Done --- I am Yancy

  • YancyCan
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    Mon, Mar 27 2017 8:10 PM

    Another pic from the Drones --- Lets not forget it could be Hobgoblins also
    This is gonna tell us so much. Stay with me now
    --- I am Yancy