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iPad app - full multiplayer version please

Mon, May 3 2021 2:18 PM (20 replies)
  • Spezza76
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    Fri, Apr 26 2013 12:27 AM

    Could you confirm if there is going to be an app for the iPad that will feature a full multiplayer mode? I know there is a 'Lite' version avaialble but is a full version on your roadmap?

    I've tried using apps that allow you to stream the online game via Cloud but there's far too much lag to play successfully. An full version app would be a great addition for players esplecially with the iPad popularity. WGT is a superb game far superior to other golf games on the market can't wait for the app!

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    Fri, Apr 26 2013 7:56 PM

    esplecially with the iPad popularity.


    Which is still and always will be, outsold by Android.

  • xGoonie
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    Tue, Oct 7 2014 10:34 PM

    so can you play multiplayer stroke games on iphone or android?

  • WGTdbloshoe
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    Wed, Oct 8 2014 10:51 AM


    so can you play multiplayer stroke games on iphone or android?

    Currently you can not play multi player on the app.  It is a feature we are going to be adding at some point.


    - WGTdbloshoe

  • Jack6393
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    Sun, Mar 12 2017 2:18 PM

    Is there any progress on adding alternate shot to the iPad app version?


  • DirtyDuffer
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    Mon, Mar 13 2017 2:53 PM


    Hello WGT hierarchy,

    When can we expect the iPad app version be updated to full participation?


    Thank you an avid iPad player who's missing out... ;(




  • gonfission
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 2:45 PM

    Just throwing this out there.

    Went to update my Galaxy 10.3 to something that had USB ports. Went to Walmart, saw the exact HP pavilion 17 inch screen, I had made to personal specs, one year prior, sitting on the shelf.

    1 Terabyte hard drive, 8 Gigabytes of memory, for less than the 10 inch replacement, I was looking for.

    It is not a touch screen, normal keyboard, for UNDER $400.00 U.S..

    $30.00 mouse, windows 10, with Edge, I listen to youtube music while I play, with a perfectly smooth meter.

    I have played plenty on the mobile. I just don't like it, after having all the courses, and other amenities WGT started with & continues to offer on the PC version, I chose to stay with a machine that allows me, head to head play, with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    Nothing against mobile players at all.

    For the comparative cost of both machines, I chose to get the most out of the game I have an investment in.

    For what it's worth.


  • Jack6393
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    Fri, Oct 20 2017 7:23 PM

    Asking again:  

    Is there any progress on adding alternate shot to the iPad app version?


  • phred952
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    Sat, Oct 21 2017 10:49 AM

    I agree Joe. I've tried mobile, but only on my phone, and I just hate the screen size. PC works for me the best. It is a matter of preference.


  • Joetesoro2
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    Fri, Mar 23 2018 10:48 AM

    Hi still not possible to playing multiplayer with WGT app game for iPhone?