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Belly putter banarama proposal

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Wed, Apr 17 2013 5:22 AM (20 replies)
  • ApexPC
    3,164 Posts
    Sun, Mar 10 2013 10:16 PM

    I hope it becomes rule.

    A golf stroke should be - swung freely, away from the body.

     Ian Poulter: "Ban it. End of story. I mean, don't anchor the butt end of the club. It's simple, right?"


    Graeme McDowell said at the Australian Masters earlier this month. "It just makes it physically easier to stroke the putter when the nerves are there (and) I think we should be leveling the playing field (by banning it). I think it's probably something they're disappointed in themselves that it's got to this point. They probably should have nipped it in the bud many, many years ago.

    Right on Graeme!

  • thebigeasy707
    5,878 Posts
    Mon, Mar 11 2013 3:08 AM

    it should have been outlawed from day one.


  • jayheels
    148 Posts
    Mon, Mar 11 2013 10:17 AM


    it should have been outlawed from day one.



  • borntobesting
    8,752 Posts
    Tue, Mar 12 2013 4:07 AM

    I don't use it but there are some people who might not even be able to putt if it weren't for the belly putter. I play occasionally with a man with a mild case of Parkinson's. The shaking doesn't bother him much with normal shots but when he tries to putt with a normal putter he shakes so badly that he can't putt at all. When they introduced the belly putter his dreams came true. He doesn't putt great with it but at least he can putt decently. He was considering giving up the game until they introduced the belly putter. To ban it would probably end his golfing and I'm sure there are many other people with similar problems that use the belly putter because otherwise they might not be able to play.

  • JackTaylor
    225 Posts
    Tue, Mar 12 2013 11:26 AM

    Nobody is talking about taking it out of the hands of the casual golfer for one. Yes we did have to conform to the V grooves and they no longer make the U grooves. I am a bit torn on the subject. Paul Azinger once said what do you do about the people who have only putted like this like Lee Westwood, you just took money out of his pocket and maybe ended his career. 

    Personally I dont use one and have tried and I dont think I would ever get the hang of it. I started putting regular and could not do a thing. I seen a few, not many of that time, using left hand low. I tried that and putting only got better for me.  That was over 20 years ago, I hope they dont make that illegal. I also dont understand the claw and a few other putting variations. 

  • ApexPC
    3,164 Posts
    Tue, Mar 12 2013 2:05 PM


     what do you do about the people who have only putted like this

    Those people will have until 2016 to make the transition to a non-anchored putting stroke.

    If they are not successful at making the transition - That's life!

    Westwood won $3,016,569 on the PGA Tour last year. Add his other income (European Tour, sponsorship(s), etc) to that, and I don't think Lee will starve to death any time soon.

    By the way, the maximum handicap for men in 36.4, and for women it's 40.4





  • mara43
    1,674 Posts
    Wed, Mar 13 2013 3:11 AM


    it should have been outlawed from day one.


    They are professional golfers and the playing field should be level...........


  • BubbaCrusher007
    1,567 Posts
    Wed, Mar 13 2013 8:19 PM

    I agree with Johnny Miller & Jack Nicklaus on the belly putter rule.

    It's ok to use the long putter. You can use a style like Matt Kutcher & rest the butt end on your arm for example.

    As long as you are not 'anchoring' it in your belly or sternum.

    Guys like Justin Rose have to play by the rules now & not anchor the putter. Yeah I agree with the rule & it's about time they took action on it.

  • BigBigEasy
    5 Posts
    Thu, Mar 14 2013 12:53 AM


    it should have been outlawed from day one.



    Agreed, but I keep thinking if belly putters were so wonderful and gave the player such a big advantage, why hasn't all the money players adopted it?

  • Victoria47
    611 Posts
    Sat, Mar 16 2013 1:42 AM


    wgt, you ever thought about a mulligan-button for practise-plays???

    maybe it can cost 5 or 10 cr`s.....

    isnt it an idea???