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Thu, May 19 2022 4:50 AM (22 replies)
  • PureGro1
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    Wed, May 18 2022 6:33 AM

    The alt-shot bit sounds fun... we talking bowls and keys? Had you pegged for Mr. Straight-laced, too.

    Lol, Bowls for sure- Keys=Kilos so ya that too...

    Ty for that! I Have not been accused of being straight lace since 1970s or so.


  • pdb1
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    Thu, May 19 2022 1:03 AM

    All these years after this post and it is still an annoying issue

    Good 1st Post Dave . It is too bad that in Alt Shot there are even more reasons and attitudes that make playing 9 holes not likely . Most will say that because it isn't ranked and doesn't count . Then there is no reason to commit . The XP's are so minor there they don't even count .

    It's too bad more don't accept it as a good fun round . To be played and respected till the end .

    You can't make people be good sports and have a good time . So we will always have to deal with it .

    Welcome to the forums Dave .

    Please enjoy .



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    Thu, May 19 2022 4:50 AM

    maybe all players should be penalized for quitting 1 point for every time they quit and after a while their averages will show who plays and who don't or a % quit rating post when they join a game so others can uninvite them from the round after all life happens won't put a player in the higher percentage, but it will for the everyday flake player.