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New Courses

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Wed, Mar 18 2009 8:43 PM (1 replies)
  • chuckiee
    2,194 Posts
    Mon, Mar 16 2009 10:36 PM

     Everyone wants new courses everyone wants a better game to play everyone wants new clubs everyone wants the game to play like real golf. Lets get real. 80% of the players think WGt needs to go ahead and fix what it takes to play this great thing that they have going first. Like make it where you don"t have to reset your brouser every two to three games you play, make it where the power bar stayes the same no matter what clubs you have and not stutter making a swing , make it when your playing multie player it doesnt freeze up or take two minutes or more to load. Make it where when you hit a 6 iron it goes 150 yards or better . We need to give wgt a break and let them go ahead and fix what it takes to play then add better things to come. WGT I think you are trying to please too many peoples request on the things that don't matter yet. You really need to focus on now like making this the best online golf game experiance they ever had and you were on the track of almost on doing that. I have been reading posts more than playing since you added the drivers and then made the changes to at least be able to hit the clubs. I like the top players and will play the best and take my whipping with a smile but most people won't and when they can't compete at least on the computer they will go somewhere they can. This is my opinion it's my right just like it is anyones so if anyone wants to bash me go ahead i will take it and won't get into name calling or making anyone feel like they don't belong to this site becuase they can't score 1,2,3,4,5, or more under. I have went elsewhere to play and liked what I have seen but I am still a WGT fan and  probably will allways be. I like the people I have made friends with some of are like friends I have known all of my life. I feel like this is a family here and we need to respect other peoples fellings and dislikes.  Anyway please try to fix the above and then work on the rest.


  • drebleloaw
    3 Posts
    Wed, Mar 18 2009 8:43 PM

    I'm good with this game.

    Why? It's free folks...

    I wish it was alittle more consistant. Like the swing meter and wind conditions.

    But I wish I could shoot as well on a "real" course.

    And besides the more you practice the better you get.

    Just my 2 cents