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Purchasing Products and not much difference in preformance

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Fri, Apr 3 2009 5:36 PM (6 replies)
  • HitMan-Fred
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    Thu, Mar 12 2009 8:50 AM

    I am wondering what is the purpose of these products when the amount of preformance does not exceed the default clubs that are free. My grandfather plays online and purchased the burner driver. He is averaging 228 yards per swing with it. He maxed out at 237 the other day with the wind behind him. I have driven the ball 230 with the same wind behind me. I ask the developers this question 600 points for 7 more yards on average? This also in conjunction with the fact it has less forgiveness. I dont really understand the logic behind this. Perhaps some beta testing would have been nice to make sure the difference was enough that the price would have made the default driver obsolete, but as it is now. There is really no reason to purchase clubs until you fix this. I will call it an error or an oversight on your part.

  • nivlac
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    Thu, Mar 12 2009 10:07 AM

    On average, you gain 15 yds of distance and extra precision at the expense of forgiveness.  I've hit drives over 250 quite a few times with the PING.  15 yards may not sound like a lot, but it makes a big difference on your approach on a few holes.


  • claremoreblue
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    Thu, Mar 12 2009 10:14 AM


    The Tour model has increased my driving avg by 10 yrds a round. Even with the update we had Tuesday. It certainly helps on 2,6, and 9.

  • HitMan-Fred
    9 Posts
    Thu, Mar 12 2009 10:35 AM

    Thanks for the input guys. I turned off my member benefits and shoot my first sub par round. That being an hour ago. My grandfather never finds the sweet spot could be why he isnt driving it as far. They need an over 60 clicker lol. That way he is able to hit the sweet spot once in a while.

  • jbowles824
    67 Posts
    Fri, Mar 20 2009 12:22 PM

    I bought the TaylorMade Burner today and it is worth every penny. I am at a disadvantage because I have to use a wireless mouse and there is lag time involved, but I love the new driver. I had a drive of 245 today and reached a par 5 in two for the first time ever.

  • drivnchaos
    286 Posts
    Sun, Mar 22 2009 7:59 PM

     Just got my new "Burner" today... What a difference. The bar speed takes some getting used to. but the distance makes it worth while. The biggest problem I have is the second shot. After the fast driver bar. I seem to hit the approach too early ! Back to the practice rounds again !

    Enjoy yor play


  • iconian
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    Fri, Apr 3 2009 5:36 PM

     i been using wireless mouse since the day 1...hrm,..i wonder if it will help moving to high precision one? hrmmmmmmmm