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Thankfully...The Masters has started...

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Fri, Apr 9 2010 8:46 AM (24 replies)
  • rehill
    431 Posts
    Wed, Apr 7 2010 10:30 PM


    BTW, Avatar Lee, I noticed that you eluded to a round of 64, yet your score history shows a 61 on the 9 hole unlimited play.  What happened??????
    I was just messing around... trying out some different stuff with no intention of posting, but I wasn't paying attention to the shot limit on #9 and.......  ooops!  hehe... oh well

    LOL, I was wondering about that too. How much did the 61 impact your average?

  • AvatarLee
    1,644 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 8:31 AM

    How much did the 61 impact your average?
    not at all... it was dropped because it's obviously not in the best 10 of my last 14 scores.


  • SweetiePie
    4,925 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 9:56 AM


    Who do you think will be the final pairing on Sunday?

    Although he may be rusty, optimisticly I believe Tiger will make it along with Anthony Kim, or perhaps Harrington, maybe Els as a guess. All I know for sure is that when it comes to serious heat, Tiger can not only stay in the kitchen...Tiger is the kitchen. Whatever happens, will, and it will be exciting.

  • TarheelsRule
    4,716 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 10:08 AM

    I have to believe that it won't be Tiger, too much rust and pressure.  I think that Els will win this year.  I also believe that Harrington and Furyk will compete as well.  Kim is hot and his problems with the driver won't hurt him as much as the Masters as at a US Open, if you saw him last week he was great but hitting it all over the place off the tee.

  • YankeeJim
    25,574 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 10:42 AM

    I have to believe that it won't be Tiger, too much rust and pressure.

    Maybe, maybe not. Have you ever laid off of something for a while and then the first time back you knock it out of the park? Maybe, with the pressure of living a secret life gone he will return with a bang. Interesting theater, for sure.

  • Richard4168
    4,309 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 2:54 PM

    Tiger is back like he never left. I'll say he was nervous on the first tee, but his play is remarkable and his recovery shots are fa-nominal. Never a dull round when Tiger plays.

  • YankeeJim
    25,574 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 3:09 PM

    Tiger is back like he never left.

    If the way he played Amen Corner is any indication he will be in the last groups every day. He just missed going birdie birdie eagle!

  • Snaike
    3,678 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 3:39 PM

    Thank you, Jim.. you beat me to it.

    I had the Master's feed of Amen Corner up and couldn't believe that he missed those. 

    Had he not been rusty he would have left those three holes at -6 for the tourney.

    There is something to be said about "Competition Speed".

    Although I will admit that he is doing a bit better than I had imagined..


    Now, back to the OP... Here's a final day's final pairing for you...

    T. Watson and F. Couples!  A pair for the aged.... errr.. Ages!

  • danohi50
    1,020 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 3:58 PM

    That would be an awesome final pairing Snaike!

    The Masters requires experience...very few young guns have won this one..Will Fredies back hold up..Will Watson,s yips stay calm..Sandy Lyle is in it too...One thing about the Masters, Its always eyes will be glued to the tube!

  • YankeeJim
    25,574 Posts
    Thu, Apr 8 2010 4:08 PM

    Tiger's coming in under 70 for the first time ever for him in the first round at Augusta. 3 bogeys but 2 eagles and 3 birdies going into 18 at 64, 1 shot off the lead.

    This is looking good.