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Fri, Jul 12 2024 1:10 PM (2,401 replies)
  • Rohr
    9 Posts
    Sun, Jun 16 2024 11:13 AM

    Plate last 32, tie # 2049, Blue Ballers vs TGR Jaguars

    AS after 14, lizzychris wins 2&1 over Sigurd007

    Blue Ballers come from 4-2 down, win last three matches and move on!

  • AbbaKovner
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    Sun, Jun 16 2024 11:35 AM

    Plate Last 32

    Tie #1951

    mconrad wins 4&3 vs RZimmerman22

  • Bowl64
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    Sun, Jun 16 2024 1:01 PM


    Last 32

    Tie 2075

    Vince1776 - Bowl64

    Vince1776 wins 1 up aft 20.

    Well played Bernie, i had a great time :)



  • bader76
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    Sun, Jun 16 2024 2:49 PM

                                            Finny’s World Cup 2024

                                       LAST  - CUP / PLATE ROUNDS


                                    18 Hole match play @Wolf Creek


                                             Last 16 for cup / plate

                                             June 17th - June 30th

                                      NO HANDICAPS OR AIRSHOTS


                         This is the second round of the knockout stages 

    The Cup / plate rounds will Start at 1am UK on Monday the 17th June 2024

    The Fixtures should be on the website from up to an hour before the last 32 starts.


     CAPTAINS - 

    When sending your lines up for the knockout stages, you will need to send a 9 player line up to one of the WC Team ready for the LAST 8 CUP and LAST 8 PLATE knockout rounds if you have won your matches. You will need to send your Team number and the player numbers in the order you like them to play.

     You play till there's a winner, so extra holes will be in play if needed and no air shots will be in play from this point onwards.

    WORLD CUP MATCHPLAY RULES - Last 16 for cup / plate

    match up arrangement rules -

    Players have 5 days to send/accept friend requests

     & begin game setup with the opponent.

    If still no reply from the opponent, contact your captain for help in resolving the communication OR replacing that player. If not resolved by day 7 captains should inform the committee & the non-communicating player shall forfeit the match!

    If you're away and can't play in any round or are unable to set up the match with the other player, then let your captain know asap so this can resolve it with the other team's captain. 


    Each WC match will have a 2 week timeline to complete,

    No Air shots will be played in the cup / plate knockout stages, 

    Each WC match will be played to a win, If A/S after 18 you play till there's a winner.

    Any players refusing to play will forfeit their match,

    Any matches not completed on time will be looked at by the world cup team and a decision will be made on the result depending on evidence of contact supplied,

    Once a WC match has been played the result will stand. 

    I would suggest a 90 sec shot clock with maximum timeouts, there’s no panic to get the game played and have a chat in-between,

    If both players agree they can have 60 or 45 that would be their choice,

    NO apparel is to be used at all by any player in this World cup tourney

    No focus boosts will be allowed during matches. Use of this tool will lead to a disqualification,

    Any team members giving advice on any shots/putts 

    to another player on any chat forum and found out,

     the player and the adviser will be disqualified from the rest of the comp.

    Bounties can be found here and who's playing - 

    All Undefeated bounty players will have this symbol next to their name in the fixtures of each of the knockout stages, until they are beaten.

    You can see who's playing who for the bounties and how they are getting on over the rounds, there's link tabs for each round if you click on them to find a match up. 

    If you're playing against a bounty player and it's still A/S at 18 holes, you will need to play till there’s a winner for the bounty.




    Click on this link to the CTTH spreadsheet, CTTH Last 16 Cup / Plate here will be all the holes along with the sponsors and the prizes. 

    Any claims for a nearest the pin must be posted on the CTTH thread, you will need to post them here -   


    you will need to post the Round #, Hole #, players name,

     The distance and the screenshot of the CTTH.

    If your in the WC DISCORD room you can post your screenshots here -

    If you don't have a screenshot you can ask your opponent to prove the shot by posting in the 

    WGT CTTH Forum Page or on the WC CTTH Discord channel by a short message.

    (I confirm that Finnyscuppy made a 196 ft putt on hole 6 at Chambers Bay)

    Next to the CTTH on the website you will find the SHOT PRIZES  which will run throughout the World Cup and you will find the HIO’S, Double Eagles made with the other shot prizes which include the Longest Hole Out and Longest Putt, which run throughout the whole of the World Cup. 

    Any prizes not claimed will be carried over as double the next round.


    You will need to post your results in the Finny’s World cup 2024 forum here - FINNY'S WORLD CUP 2024 OFFICIAL FORUM | World Golf Tour (

    Report each match if you in CUP or PLATE last 16 with your MATCH # and TIE #

    IE- Cup Last 16, match #3, Tie #869 then the message about the match

    Here the link to the Cup Fixtures -

    Here is the link to the Plate Fixtures -


    Let’s keep the forum busy but no negative comments from anyone, if you have a problem contact your captain first and they will contact the other captain. We don’t really want to be involved unless we have to.


    Good luck to all and have fun. 





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    Sun, Jun 16 2024 3:45 PM

    Plate knockouts Final 32

    Match #10 Tie# 2018

    Prodad9 wins vs JPE04

  • Allqvie
    292 Posts
    Sun, Jun 16 2024 3:56 PM

    Sorry i forgot to post: Allqvie wins v ProEA in plate, round 1, match 7, tie 1996. 

    thanks to the wc-team for another well organized event.


  • dbaron99
    31 Posts
    Sun, Jun 16 2024 8:22 PM

    Plate Championship Last 32

    Match 16 Tier 2077

    TCC Achtbaan Pirates forfeited match

    lazebone — wins

  • LeeJackson4
    27 Posts
    Tue, Jun 18 2024 12:53 AM

    Cup Last 16

    Match 3

    Tie 2103

    Leejackson4 defeats Aussiedodger

  • PinSeeker221
    5 Posts
    Tue, Jun 18 2024 8:04 AM

    Plate Last 16

    Match 1

    Tie 2157

    PinSeeker221 defeats Donko58

  • edwardr9189
    771 Posts
    Tue, Jun 18 2024 3:33 PM

    Cup Last 16 Match 1

    Tie# 2089 willeb11 v schmails3   willieb11 wins this one


    cheers guys