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Re: cheaters

Thu, Mar 30 2023 6:18 AM (111 replies)
  • Mythanatos
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    Wed, Mar 29 2023 9:57 AM

    Not going to get into the all the previous arguments. This is an info only post.


    If you will look at my awards you will see a plethora of top 10s in veteran will also see even more scores in the 10-25 range. and even some worse than that.


    The difference between 1 and 15 or 20 is simply put... how well did i putt that day. and what were my green speed and wind combinations on specific courses and holes. 

    (oh for me there is also an alcohol factor... how much did i drink before and while i played).


    you can track that particular person and odds are they won't have similar scores in a showdown for multiple weeks.


    also one can't compare ranked games to games that are in coin rooms. coin rooms. my driver flies around 326 with a cross wind and my 3 wood goes 276 off the tee with crosswind.  268 FBS off fairway. almost all the par 5s in the game are reachable in 2 for me. i often hit 3W on hole 13 on wolf creek instead of driver. 

    i could make a list but bottom line is the yardage advantages will make just about anyone score better than they do in ranked games.

    also you may have had 30MPH wind on StA but in coin rooms he could have had low winds for the time he played it. 

    Winds really determine 1-15. Can play phenominally but if you don't have a chance at as many eagles as someone else it puts you in a hole. 

  • PureGro1
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    Thu, Mar 30 2023 6:18 AM