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Re: Let’s beat a dead horse.

Fri, Sep 22 2023 11:24 PM (11 replies)
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  • Tabarnak777
    165 Posts
    Fri, Sep 22 2023 4:08 PM

    Not playing expert/veteran showdown : L93

    Playing Veteran showdown : L47

    Playing Expert showdown : L87

    Getting good results in showdowns will let you infinite free balls.

  • Lesthanpar
    1,415 Posts
    Fri, Sep 22 2023 11:24 PM


    They are good balls tis true

    performance / costs


    This is true. One can have just as much fun playing much lower cost balls like I see you have in your bag now. Whatever ball you play you have to learn it and know your distances with it. Often, I see people playing top end balls that don't even know how to play them. Premium balls for a non-premium player makes no sense at all.

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