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Re: 2022 VUSO

Tue, Jun 28 2022 7:27 AM (25 replies)
  • WGTNico
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    Tue, Jun 14 2022 8:25 AM

    Was told that one was fixed by now, but it seems on VUSO that's still a visual issue. When it ends, it does properly close and do all the correct tiebreakers which is good. We just opened up another ticket for it.


    I just had a strange observation. I don't ever remember seeing a leaderboard where everyone that is tied is sorted alphabetically. It is normally done using tie breaking rules. Has this ever been done before?


  • TarheelsRule
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    Thu, Jun 23 2022 4:18 PM

    Congrats to Sam on 13 straight qualifications in a row to the VUSO.

    The prize pool being down probably doesn't help the buzz but I'm excited just to qualify I think this is my 9th time, not in a row.   The course is difficult but qualifying is unlimited so you don't have to finish if you start bad.

    Looks like the 58's will hold up easily at this point and it should make for a good tournament.

    In terms of the leaderboard, the tiebreaker isn't used for places under the top few since the tournament is top 156 and ties.


  • DBStronghold
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    Sat, Jun 25 2022 10:05 PM

    58s in EASILY LOL

  • jacktrade51
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    Sun, Jun 26 2022 7:36 PM

    The VUSO has no buzz this year because ...

    (1) no new course,

    (2) no build-up with the CTTH in advance.

    The bottom line is WGT didn't bring us Brookline as a new course.  Then us players would have been all over it.


  • Cicero733
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    Mon, Jun 27 2022 3:29 PM

    How do you access the 2022 VUSO Leaderboard?


    Found it…

  • BPeterson8256
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    Tue, Jun 28 2022 7:27 AM


    How do you access the 2022 VUSO Leaderboard?


    Found it…

    I'm slow, but here it is for anyone else looking.

    Virtual U.S. Open Championship