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Sun, Jun 12 2022 8:18 PM (3 replies)
  • coachtaz0
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    Tue, Apr 26 2022 12:31 PM

    A level 12 up and coming team thats full of fun, and interaction if you desire. We have achieved this level maintaining around 20-24 golfers and in 5 months. We are a group that split off from another much bigger team, and have exceeded that team in the process. We only have two things we ask you to do, and as you become a part we are sure the other things will just become natural.

    1. That you become, or try to be, an everyday XP player. This helps both you and our club.

    We play Turf Wars and want you to play when and if you can, and ask that you try and play in one match(for xp maybe) in each Clash, if you miss them no big deal! What we hope will happen is that you grow with the group, and be in the Voice room(Discord) when you can during the clash, or daily XP times, and any time you desire or see someone in there during the week. A bunch of fun, and again knowledge if you have a question. And meet some pretty good guys.

    2. That you join Discord, we use this as our forum for information. If you want to come say hello in the voice room as you get comfortable, please do. We play daily at XP time doing alternate shot games. We shoot the bull, share some tips, and will help the newer player learn the game. has become a bunch like a regular country club in the regard. Say hello once and never speak again, that's okay! Join, and decide not to talk and just use it for our information, okay too. We have players that do, or have done, all 3!

    *We have a quarterly and yearly club championship with tournaments every week and for now in 3 different tiers. We also have tournaments each month for coins, brackets for head to head, a shot clock tournament, CTTH, Club set of the Week, Weekender, Monthly opens, XP and AVG tournaments. So plenty so you won't go bored, and lots of them free to join and play and not in need of a pass. We also do plenty of give-a-ways of passes, balls, and even clubs for guys that are giving it their all and truly becoming a part of the club. And all we ask is that you have fun!

    Look us up, we are open to join right now, friend our directors and we'll take you from there to a different WGT experience.

    Coachtaz0 and BklynG63

  • coachtaz0
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    Mon, May 2 2022 6:01 AM

    Fun club, come take a look. Stay if you want, bounce out if you don't. We have a lot of fun.

  • JayTSaward33
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    Mon, May 16 2022 6:11 AM

    Hi Coach

    it was good to meet you guys during CC Event #176.. we had a good even match and I'm sure having finished in similar positions on the board we will be meeting again soon..

    Good luck & regards

    Jay Tee

    Club 801 

  • coachtaz0
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    Sun, Jun 12 2022 8:18 PM

    Jay Tee,

    Thank You so much for the kind words! We are building something good, and it is great to hear. Best of luck in your ventures as a team, and I/we look forward to locking heads in the future and having another hard fought battle. Again, Thank You!