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Re: head to head matches and gimmies

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Mon, Apr 4 2022 11:39 PM (1 replies)
  • Hewwmungus
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    Mon, Apr 4 2022 3:29 PM

    What's the deal with this?  3 matches in a row, my opponents have 6-9 foot putts and they get/take gimmies?  I have a 5-6 foot putt yet i can't take gimmies.  What am i missing here?  I've lost 3 head to heads now because of this foolishness...

  • alosso
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    Mon, Apr 4 2022 11:39 PM

    Beginners, i.e. Hacks, Amateurs, ?Pros? get gimmies by the program at different proximities to the hole. It's none of their choice.

    In a regular match play, solo or A/S, a player may concede the shot of his opponent like in real golf.