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Re: Free Credit Surveys

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Fri, Jun 17 2022 11:41 AM (1 replies)
  • gdinc2010
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    Sun, Apr 3 2022 5:43 PM

    I really don't understand the thought process from Peanut Labs in their selection criteria. I took the pre screening, screening quite a few months ago as part of my profile. They seem to know when I have already taken a particular survey because they tell me after pre screening me again and again. Well, then why offer it as an option? The pre, pre screening is always the same demographic questions that they supposedly already know by virtue of the profile I filled out some months ago. See this coming full circle now? 

    When surveys are closed, which you only find out after you have been pre, pre screened and plenty of info is gleaned by the pre screening, that said survey has reached it's limit or I don't meet their demographic? Which they already know by virtue of the profile they already have. Amazing how it comes around again huh? 

    I  mean I understand the carrot and stick mentality, but a disclaimer really needs to be included that states what a total waste of time, begging for free credits is. You will get pissed and frustrated. 

    You will give up info for free for the promise of a cookie that may not even be there.  

  • yonnyvan
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    Fri, Jun 17 2022 11:41 AM

    or you will get banned for life without any f#@&% reason, and get no help or reply from WGT when you ask why