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Re: Chat Bar Not Working

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Sat, Sep 24 2022 4:09 AM (7 replies)
  • ShanghaiChick
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    Thu, Feb 17 2022 4:30 AM

    Hello All,

    I have new MacAir M1 2020 and everything works fine, except the chat. Many people say hello and I cannot reply. Then they think I am rude because I did not say anything. When I click on the chat keyboard icon i can see the chat bar flash once very quickly, but it will not stay there so I can enter anything.

    I have reinstalled/upgraded my operation system. No use.

    I have changed browser from Chrome to Safari. No difference.

    Has anyone the ability to help solve this?




  • ScottHope
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    Thu, Feb 17 2022 8:25 AM

    Have you tried the keyboard shortcuts to open/close the chat?

    't' to open it and 'escape' to close it.

  • MarchieB
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    Thu, Feb 17 2022 8:27 AM

    (Try going into your settings and make sure you have the "Chat" turned to ON.  The option to set your preference (on/off) was added a few months ago maybe it has accidentally been turned OFF???)   EDIT - I don't believe this is the problem as turning it off removes any ability to chat by removing the chat keyboard icon entirely.

    The Browser you use does not matter as the game is no longer played using Flash through a browser window. It is now a stand alone App on your computer.

    Have you tried uninstalling the WGT App and reinstalling??


  • FAB444
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    Mon, Mar 7 2022 7:10 AM

    same here it does not work 



  • RoggRR
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    Mon, Mar 7 2022 5:27 PM

    Try this on the meter bar: make any power - then do not try to make the swing hit (no last click)


  • Kevbo861
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    Fri, May 6 2022 5:41 PM

    im having this same problem with my MacBook. did you resolve this and how did you do it. I would love to know.  thanks


  • xxx00xxx
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    Wed, May 25 2022 9:01 AM


  • AFCBNeil
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    Sat, Sep 24 2022 4:09 AM

    Same issue here playing using the app on Macbook