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Re: WGT Launcher crashes

Fri, Jan 14 2022 8:28 PM (12 replies)
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  • Bov321
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    Fri, Jan 14 2022 8:14 AM

    Here is the latest FYI: no matter whether the computer is rebooted or not, every single time I close the app the next time the launcher crashes. Simply deleting the WGT registry fixes the problem, but has to be deleted each time after playing. I guess I can live with that...


  • ScottHope
    8,212 Posts
    Fri, Jan 14 2022 10:02 AM

    Bov, have you tried firing up the game by not using the launcher?

    Open Windows explorer and navigate your way here...

    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Topgolf \ WGTLauncher \ golf

    ...inside the golf folder you should see a golf.exe file, double click it to fire up the game. You can do it this way every time if you wish, but an easier way is once the game is running, right click on the games taskbar icon and select Pin to taskbar from the menu. If you fire up the game from that taskbar icon, instead of using the launcher, you might be able to get around your current issue.

    Be aware though that if you run the game this way, it will not receive updates.

  • garyk49
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    Fri, Jan 14 2022 8:28 PM

    Revo-uninstaller gets rid of what most software uninstallers leave behind, files, folders, and registry entries.  Just pay attention to what you are deleting.  It has 3 different levels of removal.  From leave some to get rid of all.  Been using it for years.

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