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Re: WGT Tour Talk

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Sat, Dec 18 2021 11:28 AM (21 replies)
  • BPeterson8256
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    Sat, Dec 18 2021 6:36 AM


    Glad round 3 is done with. 🤣🤣🤣 

    I'll 2nd that! 😂🤣 Those winds were brutal in the 3rd round of this weeks King's Cup. I am close to 92% fairways hit for my career, but only hit 64% in this round. A couple of those were intentional, but the rest was just my struggle with the wind. I actually played a pretty decent round, but the wind kept me just slightly off. I think I had 4 lip outs. Still... slowly working my way up the leaderboard each day, which is always the goal. It helps to have a mediocre first round 😂

    The being slightly off seemed to be carried over from my bracket play yesterday. So many near misses, with the end result being me getting knocked out of 3 different brackets, each by 1 stroke. UGH! Perhaps I'll have better play with some of the new RGs that started today.



  • DufferJohn7
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    Sat, Dec 18 2021 11:28 AM

    I read your reports before playing so I was ready for the wind, even remembered to tape my hat on. I was happy playing from the hard tees and battled the wind pretty well. Only missed two fairways and two greens. But the phrase most heard was, "If I could only putt." LOL But while missing a few easy ones I actually made a couple of tough ones. Go figure. 

    Finished with a respectable 64, Hoping it keeps me in the top 70 before the round ends.

    Really enjoying this tournament.

    Have fun and hit 'em straight,


    Edited to add I held on for T58th, still unofficial