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Re: WGT APP : ERROR GOLF EXE :does not exist ?

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Wed, Oct 27 2021 8:52 AM (7 replies)
  • vinnyuk
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    Sun, Oct 24 2021 6:25 AM

    Uninstalled several times tried deleting registry BY SCOTT no luck. Error :Golf .EXE.does not exist. Under that App is upto date.

    Anyone got fix ?


  • ScottHope
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    Sun, Oct 24 2021 9:08 AM

    Can you find your Topgolf folder?

    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Topgolf

    Inside the topgolf folder is a Golf folder and inside that should be the golf.exe file. If that is not there, delete the Golf folder and run the launcher again.

  • firemandave05
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    Sun, Oct 24 2021 5:00 PM

  • Davidko83
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    Mon, Oct 25 2021 6:00 AM

    any other ideas? this does not work

  • ScottHope
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    Mon, Oct 25 2021 7:46 AM

    I can't see anything in your post Dave. Are you trying to post an image?

  • Cuser44
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    Mon, Oct 25 2021 11:57 AM

    Having the same issue.  I was able to play Saturday during the day, EST, and upon logging in this morning can not get the game to open.  I did remove the game and re-installed the software without any luck.

    Actually playing on mobile just to keep consecutive days streak going.


    Any suggestions are appreciated.




  • Snoper
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    Mon, Oct 25 2021 4:56 PM

    My folder has launcher.exe instead.  No idea why have no difficulties.




  • Cuser44
    956 Posts
    Wed, Oct 27 2021 8:52 AM

    So I figured out why I couldn't open WGT.  I have my laptop connected to 2 24" monitors and the game screen would not open with the screen resolution I have selected.

    I disconnected both monitors and opened the game on the laptop.  Once opened, I can plug in the monitors and adjust the resolution accordingly.

    Before I could save the screen size and open as usual and the game defaulted to the saved settings.

    Not sure why this changed but please restore to an earlier version.