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Re: Mouse Settings and no way to Change

Tue, Sep 28 2021 6:50 PM (8 replies)
  • BadGolfer740
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    Sat, Sep 25 2021 7:52 PM

    Okay I have put in several messages to customer service and have never gotten a reply about my mouse issue that could be so easily fixed to say using the space bar for the final click that is all it would take and I know there are other people out there that have this problem. The Problem is the response to my clicking center is not realized in the game or some of the game downloads I have. I have the game installed on 3 computers and each has its own mouse issue and the one I hadn't played in a while because it does not have team speak installed and I play with several others who I game with. I was really getting discouraged because I could never get close to the center either it was always late you could hear the click of the mouse at near center and it would go way past so late you would almost want to quit. Then one weekend I was not feeling to good so I played in bed and that weekend I hit 2 eagles and an ACE or non Hole in One I could not believe how much different the two computers played so I took the mouse off the one put it on the always late hitter and nothing it worked just like it did and so I have right now 5 computers running in my home and so I tried every mouse I had and so do you think it made a difference NO IT DID NOT. Now if say I could use the mouse for the back swing and then the space bar for the final click then maybe and I am pretty sure that this fix would work. I think I would enjoy the game so much more and why is it there are now way to change the settings for the items we use to game with all the other games have these settings and all we get is a way to change the screen size and camera and a few shot advantages if you call some little lines not numbers on the drawback meter numbers cost extra come on. screen camera some shot changes and well here they are :

    Video     Audio     General     Game     Key Bind     Camera                                                                                                                                                                                                    Now why not mouse and key bind  anyway I just installed the game on the 3rd computer and again the late hitting issue is rapid and really becoming an issue. I would like to play it on what ever devise I want to and I really think it should work and after all the Money I found out I was sinking into the game I now feel that it should work on any devise that I install it on My Computers are very much top of line here. I feel there should be some setting in the Settings Page for the Player all games are made so they are player friendly and  players can make changes to the key board and mouse we are good at making little changes in these devices to help us play better. and if we can't get better or improve or fix the issue that is really not my issue as a player. You will see more people get discouraged and just quit playing and paying and then the game is gone. 

    Now you think well this guy is just ranting on about a mouse issue really I am still playing a game that was last copy came out in 2003 there was 99 and 2001 I also hear of 1 and 2 but They was all Nascar Seasons and I am still to this day playing and racing online almost every night so the game came out almost 20 years ago and its still being watched every Friday Night Stream of 20 to 35 drivers out there going for it and you want to know why it has lasted because we could make little changes voice attack to click pit screens for us and let other drivers know what we was intending to do. We could paint our own cars and trucks. now there is rFactor and iRacing but that costs money and after 20 years do you think the same people will be playing the game that paid for the disk well there is no disks for them all downloads and all get expensive with time and I don't mind paying a little that's not the issue its that if I am paying for something I expect it to work when I click the meter in the center I want the meter to stop in the center and to have one working and then go say bad and start playing another and its like a dream but not and then go  and install on a 3rd computer and have the same problem as the first I would say screw this and give it up but I enjoy the game and I have invested a say couple hundred dollars to get to where I am now that is an issue because the support is not there and I see there are other mouse issues and to tell you the truth there is always an easy fix to a lot of these issues they could be done with a update like the one we just got what got updated now new course no settings changes for the player and the game is hanging up alot now I never had that issue before but the mouse this is something we all use in the game some of us don't like but we just say well thats the game well I can tell you its not we invest time and effort and money so that we have something to do in these times of Strange things so now you know how my life is and has been for well the last 10 years and that is all I am going to say have a great swing and see you out there click true My Friends 

  • mnb1985
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    Sun, Sep 26 2021 10:55 AM

    Assuming you are using Windows 10 you can bind keys to your mouse using “ease of access” settings.


    the other thing you can do is write a simple script, drop the file onto your desktop & right click and run the script before entering the game.


    you can also download the program “auto hotkey” which will do exactly what you’re asking for.

    failing that if you run your system on unbuntu there’s numerous work around.


    hope that helps buddy



  • ScottHope
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    Sun, Sep 26 2021 1:13 PM

    If you feel that using a keyboard key instead of a mouse button would work better, Google search MouseKeys. It's something that I think you can do on all Windows PCs and although it won't turn the spacebar into a mouse button, it will enable you to emulate a mouse click by pressing the 5 key on your number keypad.

    You can also use AHK (AutoHotkey) to reassign keyboard keys (and mouse buttons).

  • alosso
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    Sun, Sep 26 2021 10:46 PM

    It may not apply here as it would be a big chance on a multitude of computers, but, in general, hardware issues with the mouse can't be ruled out.

    My two Pfennig:

    - change to a simple&cheap corded (USB) mouse, or

    - replace the batteries of a wireless mouse!

  • ScottHope
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    Mon, Sep 27 2021 1:48 PM

    If you have AutoHotkey already installed, here is a script that will turn the spacebar into a left mouse button...

    #SingleInstance, force
    #IfWinActive WGT Golf
    ^x::ExitApp create the script, copy the above into Notepad and save it, but when you save it, make sure the filename has .ahk at the end and not .txt

    To run the script, go to the file you just created and double click it, you should then see an AutoHotkey icon  appear in your system tray. The spacebar will only act as left mouse button in the game, not anywhere else. If you want to type a space into the chat box while playing, you'll have to do shift+space.

    To stop the script running, press CTRL + X, or right click the system tray icon and choose exit from the menu.

    If you want to try the script without installing AutoHotkey, you can download the executable version of the script HERE.

    Once downloaded, just double click it to run it. CTRL + X will again stop the script running, as will right clicking the system tray icon and selecting exit from the menu.

    My concerns on remapping the spacebar as a mouse button are about button travel. My keyboard spacebar moves a lot further than my mouse button does, surely that's going to mess up your timing? But then again your keyboard may be a better quality than mine with less travel.

    Good luck though.  : )

  • BadGolfer740
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    Tue, Sep 28 2021 6:34 PM

    So thanks for your reply's I will see how those will help. I do know that making the change will work I have a keyboard mouse combo and tried it with it the first three hits was dings but since I have to use the stand alone mouse to draw back the club then get to the key board to click the hit its a little weird as I am not used to it but just the fact that being able to do so shows me that if we had a little more control over our devices in Settings would make it better for us. I know that your suggestions will probably work (as I haven't tried yet) but all other games give us options in Settings. Again thanks for the reply's I will try them to find the best solution. I just wanted to keep this updated as best I could. See you on the Green   

  • BadGolfer740
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    Tue, Sep 28 2021 6:37 PM

    Thanks for your response I did post an update and will try your suggestion again Thanks. 

  • BadGolfer740
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    Tue, Sep 28 2021 6:45 PM

    Wow Great Post and thank you I did post an update and will definitely try your suggestions as I posted I know something will work it is just training the mind and fingers to it. As I posted I did a work around and know something will work again thanks for your post and great advise I will try my best to keep this issue updated as I think there are others out there that could use the help. 

  • BadGolfer740
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    Tue, Sep 28 2021 6:50 PM

    Thanks for your reply as I have tried every mouse I own from cheep to gaming I did post an update so I know it's not a mouse issue after 7 different mouse try's and did come up with something but it's a little difficult to use so I am trying some of the suggestions provided on the replies to get the best result again thanks so much for your reply.