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Re: Strengthen/Weaken lofts for irons & wedges

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Wed, Aug 18 2021 6:16 PM (2 replies)
  • BagwnSriRajnesh
    7 Posts
    Sun, Aug 15 2021 5:51 AM

    Pretty self explanatory. As they are in the pro shop now would be the standard. Then you can stick with that or strengthen to add 5 yds but lose some spin or weaken to lose 5 yds but gain spin.

    For example I would:

    Irons (L97): strengthen to 125-230

    Wedge: Jaws 115 weaken to 110

    Wedge: Jaws 75 strengthen to 80

    Wedge: SM7 60- nothing this club is perfect and always will be


    Alternatively add more clubs to the pro shop, but if that ain’t happening, at least this adds some flexibility. 

  • fobby1980
    299 Posts
    Tue, Aug 17 2021 10:08 AM

    Yeah, the 97 Iron set is not likely to happen. That would wreck their balls sale. 

  • BagwnSriRajnesh
    7 Posts
    Wed, Aug 18 2021 6:16 PM

    Well really none of this is likely to happen. Product Suggestions are about dreaming of the Art of the Possible - for just a moment - and then going back to sailing a fully backspun 9 iron 5 yards past the green in a 13-15 tail wind even though you’ve mapped that shot and it shouldn’t happen (I’m looking at you, Pinehurst No. 2)

    That said, and to your point, I think if anything it might just cause people to swap their equally-priced spin vs distance balls (eg TP5 vs TP5x).  Might even cause some upgrading as players upgrade to offset the lost distance or spin, depending on loft change, while augmenting the favored variable.