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Re: Leveling Up past Master

Sun, Aug 8 2021 3:57 PM (3 replies)
  • BobHodge
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    Sat, Aug 7 2021 7:18 PM


      I recently played a game against a Legend who accused me of being a cheater, using "Legend Clubs" on forward tees, then he resigned.  I am a level 96 Master, and I recently got the level 96 Callaway Epic Flash with credits I earned by watching hundreds of hours of ads. This was in a 3 hole Paris match with the winner getting 180 coins.  I explained I cannot figure out how to move past Master, I have been stuck on it since level 82 I believe. He berated me more then quit

    I have read forums and understand that I have to play in ranked rounds, and have done that. I play in all Showdowns.   I recently started playing Beverly Hills 9 hole matches with winner getting 4500 coins.  I just kind of stuck on stupid not knowing how to advance. 

    Any advice would be appreciated.









  • alosso
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    Sun, Aug 8 2021 10:33 AM

    I think that nobody has the right to berate anybody, except for obvious re-starters. You aren't, you're just slow to advance, perhaps due to your game choices.

    One way would be to play (almost) exclusively "mobile" games, coin games, "rooms", H2H.

    The traditional way is to collect ranked rounds and lower the average. You threshold will be 40 Master rounds and an average of 63.00 max.

    Your scoring history shows just 6 ranked rounds since february before it stops. In the last month, there was no such activity.

    Please note that no matches are ranked, ever. Only 9 or 18 hole strokeplay(!) may be ranked (or practice) like the last six entries in your list.

    Play 9 holes strokeplay on the courses, get your game below 32 sometimes, and you will be promoted!

    Note aside: IMHO, there are enough free CC passes available - don't buy them!

  • Trtr30
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    Sun, Aug 8 2021 2:13 PM

    Play all of the courses and just 9 holes at a time as Alosso said. You don't want a 32 on the front ruined by a 35 on the back.

    And if your goal is to accelerate the promotion then find the courses (or even 9 hole segments) that you play well and play those more than others.

  • BobHodge
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    Sun, Aug 8 2021 3:57 PM

    Thanks Alison.  Just found the chart on another thread with the stats you stated.  Took a screenshot for reference.  I will play and track my ranked rounds.  Only play on my Android phone with the app.  Not quite as much info on the app, had to sign in to I the online program to find these forums.


    Again, thanks for the response and information.