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Re: Torrey Pines?

Tue, Oct 5 2021 7:00 AM (12 replies)
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  • pdb1
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    Thu, Jul 29 2021 5:55 AM


    So the Virtual US Open is over. 

    Hoping that Torrey Pines gets added to the list of Courses available for Custom Hole use.

    When will you add the Torrey Pines course to the bag WGT? 

    Please and thanks in advance. 


      Since you are in such a damn hurry . I will help you and quote it and bump it along .

      There is no doubt that the most effective way to suggest something here is to write

    Customer Support


      But I also believe that Admin , techs , mods , member services , the Q-Team , etc . Read these forums . Not as a leisurely pass time while sitting on the pot . But as a part of their job . To be aware and ready for anything that comes up within their department . In case their boss asks them if they know anything . Anything at all . Lol .

  • HamdenPro
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    Tue, Oct 5 2021 6:58 AM

    Torrey Pines is named after a rare pine tree (the Pinus torreyana) that lives in only two locations – Santa Rosa Island off the coast of Santa Barbara and in San Diego within the Torrey Pines State Reserve

    BTW, I plagiarized the above.

  • HamdenPro
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    Tue, Oct 5 2021 7:00 AM

    I have an unrelated question...

    Your name is gherkinhead1, but you do not look like a pickle.



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