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Re: Some Hopefully Useful Suggestions for the Business Plan

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Tue, Apr 13 2021 8:20 PM (13 replies)
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  • alosso
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    Tue, Apr 13 2021 3:00 PM

    Using up my credits so I can finish with this stupidity run game quicker.

    (from the next post)

    I refuse to leave anything for WGT in the locker when I finish with this crap game.


    It doesn't make a difference to WGT! When you obtained the credits, they made their cut, anything else just shuffels digital crap around and keeps their servers busy!

    Nothing more than your loss if you waste your time with a "crap game", and how does "promoting" your CC of one member by wasting credits on CC passes fit to your attitude?

    To leave in style, you might want to sell any clubs you have and gift the remaining credits to other players. THAT might take away some revenue from the company!

    When continuing a game that you loathe, you might make a fool out of yourself.

  • DodgyPutter
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    Tue, Apr 13 2021 4:18 PM


    And yet you still managed to play 4 rounds today. Was that before or after your post?

    Talk about a w..k..


    I thought you might have gone with the following quote, Don.


    I hate and detest WGT


    It is possible to like the game, even if it is less than he did, but not like the current attitude of the company or what they are doing to the game. 

    If you had quoted the whole sentence it would have been clear he was talking about the (people running) the company. "I hate and detest WGT but even saying this does not seem to penetrate their thick skulls."

    What has been a waste of time is kdownunder trying in various threads to get a response, from wgt, to issues many are having, from wgt.  The fact the focus was shifted to a post that was more ranting doesn't surprise me either.

    And to be clear the first bit, with the baby swearing,  was from Topshelf.  I kept getting "not matching......" until I took his name out.

  • TySrixon13
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    Tue, Apr 13 2021 6:18 PM


    Hello WGT & Hello Callaway (owners)

    Long time player comments:

    1.   That claim to fame about numbers of player is, as we, all know it, comprised of people who set up a login but don't actually play, or maybe play a very few games ...  they don't = players

    2.  There are so many glitches in the the current version of the game when trying to play options that are not coin games ...   which so many people have posted about so I am not going to add to the list  ... but why don't you fix them?

    3.  Obviously your business plan to keep income coming in :   I am not able to ascertain whether that is about ball use & trying to get your mobile/phone users to buy  balls and/or clubs .... (Yes it is noticeable how many free rental weekends you have now compared to the 3-4 "special" times over the previous years)...

    4. Or whether Titleist (Acushnet), TP (Adidas), Volvik (Moon Kyung-ahn), Bridgestone (Bridgestone Tyres), Cleveland & Srixon (SRI Sports. (Sumitomo Rubber Industries), Mizuno (Rihachi Mizuno), Ping (Ping = Karsten Solheim), Cobra (Puma Sports), Seemore (Jim Grundberg & Jason Pouliot) etc. are paying royalties to WGT based on the false number of players?

    4.  But you had a great golf game, the best on the internet but you are resting on ur laurels ... if you maybe invested some more $ into it to create more courses it would be even better.  If you invested some $ into fixing the many many glitches it would be much better.   

    I actually don't want much WGT ... I just want to be able to log in from my Australian time zone and ....

    1.  See who my friends are that are available to play with me (i.e. everyone is not green - available).   People are now resorting to connecting on a voice channel (e.g. Skype, Discord, etc.) because this functionality has gone from the game.    But it doesn't work for everyone so therefore there are many players who just "hope" and "give up"

    2.  Be able to talk to my friends if I invite them to a game so they can tell me that maybe they are doing something else, e.g. getting a coffee, & will be 3 minutes

    3. Be able to talk to my friends without the chat box cutting out all the time (and not taking over the whole screen).

    This is my 5+ post on this stuff ... maybe you can respond?







    I would really like to see someone from WGT actually post a reply to one of these threads , lots of frustration going around these days...I`m in your corner K , hopefully will get a response


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