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Re: Mid-round ball expirations

Wed, Mar 31 2021 8:28 AM (13 replies)
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  • AnaNikolaj
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    Tue, Mar 30 2021 2:19 PM


    As far as the last sentence goes, that's not true. When the last ball goes into the drink, you get one last chance to purchase a new sleeve. 

    Apparently you are correct. I just wasted 20 credits to prove it out. 
    That is a new feature though as I’m almost positive that you couldn’t do that in the past.
    I guess WGT decided to add it as one last chance to collect some $.  
    Kinda seems pointless to have all the other prompts to buy more balls then when you can buy more at any time via the LH menu??? 


    Agreed, I think they may be targeting compulsive shoppers ;-) Not sure, what was like before or on mobile, but the option has been there since I started playing the NV 3 months ago (flash until its last day). And the NV options are actually a downgrade from flash, where you were able to run out of balls, choose the rock, but still were able to buy and re-equip the ball you started with at any point. A red exclamation mark was next to your starter ball icon and if you hovered the mouse over it, the pop-up would appear, askink whether you wanted to purchase your original ball and equip it. So, if you lost your last ball on hole 2, you could choose to play the next few shots (or holes) with the rock and still decide to purchase the ball you started with and play with that to the end. 

  • callaghan159
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    Tue, Mar 30 2021 4:41 PM


    no real reason to be down to even the last 3 balls. carry more. I added it up the other day. I have over 200 golf balls. granted most are junk that i won't use.

    But i do have 68 of the level 40 titlists ( i didn't buy any of them, can win them in veteran showdowns)  I use those in coin games. very similar to my main ball. 

    26 of the level 81 taylor mades. ( my normal ball)

    and 22 of a high end titlist i use here or there when the occasion requires it. 


    Stock up on balls when get the tap in rewards.

    Lots of I's in this statement....Henry is that you ?

  • borntobesting
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    Wed, Mar 31 2021 3:25 AM


    If my chosen golf ball expires mid-round and I have no more balls of that type to continue with them during play, why can I not be prompted to select from another sleeve I have already purchased and are sitting in my 'golf bag', as it were? Even further, why can I not buy another sleeve at that time?

    If there is a way to do this, I have not found it. If there is not a way to do this, I would like to request consideration for this feature to be put into the game.

    Before WGT put the last ball warning in the game allowing you to buy a new sleeve in game they modified the one ball rule. They modified it allowing you to use the unlimited ball to finish the round, If WGT had not modified the one ball rule and followed it to the letter then when you used up your last ball the round would end and you would be disqualified. 

  • Mythanatos
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    Wed, Mar 31 2021 8:28 AM

    Lots of I's in this statement....Henry is that you ?

    I find it's hard to know what other people carry for golf balls as well as how they got them. I do know what i did though.

    One of the points was to show the ones that gripe about item costs in this game how to be more efficient. Choose a showdown that has the ball rewards that is similar to the ball you normally play. Place well and win golf balls. Defrays your total cost. 

    I win them faster than i can burn through them.

    4x this time. enjoy.

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