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Rental Balls

Wed, Jan 27 2021 10:35 AM (0 replies)
  • Eyeswideopen11
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    Wed, Jan 27 2021 10:35 AM

    There is a thread discussing this but it is from 2018 so I thought I would bring it back and see what the response would be.  The previous discussions proposed WGT sell one ball instead go a sleeve.  That gets a little complicated because a sleeve of a ball costs 750 credits that would mean one ball would be like 250 or 300.  Players can buy an entire sleeve of average balls for that.  A new idea would be instead of selling one ball WGT could provide rentals for lets say 25 or 30 hits that will allow a player to get through at least 7-9 holes. This way it would give the player enough feedback without players being stuck with a sleeve of balls they don't like.  Also it might encourage players to purchase higher performance balls if they could try one and make sure it fits they're game before they spend 700-1000 credits on balls.   They do it with clubs no reason why it can't be done with balls.  Just an idea.  Let's hear from others.