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Re: Caddy

Sun, Jan 3 2021 8:26 PM (1 replies)
  • CRowan
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    Sat, Dec 26 2020 2:15 PM

    I have talked about this before but I guess it must be harder to do than I thought. The flash version had the option to turn off the caddy (Auto club selection) but the new version for pc/mac does not have that option. I still have it happen when I change the club the game picks for me but when I use it, the game still thinks I have the other club which makes my approach shot 15-20 yards short or long. I just played a round and it happened. The game picked my 4 iron but I changed it to my 5 iron and when I swung, it went 20 yards past the hole onto the rough behind the green as if I was actually using the 4 iron the game picked for me instead of the 5 iron I changed to. I have even tried to find go arounds to keep it from happening, like clicking on the club I want to change to multiple times and hitting the escape button on my keyboard to bring up and take away the sub menu left of screen, but still at times the game still thinks I am using the original club it first picked for me for that shot. If you would make it possible to turn off the caddy, like in the flash version, then it should fix that problem. 

  • Janus75
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    Sun, Jan 3 2021 8:26 PM

    Is there any way to kill the caddy? I hate this version of an idiot selecting my putter version (distance) for me. Firing the caddy was available in Flash; please carry this over to the new version. Yeah, I have a problem with my 81-year-old brain checking the putter type after every single putt. Mainly, after selecting a putter, it should remain the same until I change it. While I am figuring out the new hitting strength and new putting line, the low down sneaky caddy changes the putter to its lowest level; I don't see it done. Guess what? The putt comes up short.  And, this is the exact time I could see killing the caddy. 

    I sure hope you guys and gals can put in the caddy option button and some of these other suggestions that have been brought up by other thoughtful posters. You should also share a list of what you intend or do not intend to do with any requests that seem competent. 


    P.S. I wrote this before I was aware of the above, I agree with CRowan's  version too.