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Re: Flash Completely Gone Now Except In Game Client?

Fri, Apr 9 2021 3:32 AM (24 replies)
  • nanofeibarra
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    Fri, Oct 2 2020 7:25 AM

    .the new version SUCKS.......... agree 100 %

  • umgant11
    240 Posts
    Tue, Oct 6 2020 4:28 PM




  • Bushbeater4
    1,400 Posts
    Wed, Oct 7 2020 10:36 AM

    When you think about it, what's viewing your friends list good for, seeing who's on or whatever. Like what purpose does it serve

    I found it very useful to quickly send a PM to a friend.  I could just click on them and it brought me directly to their profile page.  Try that with the game client... it is a lesson in frustration.  You can't scan down without it clicking out on you.  

    I also see that the whole friends list on your home page has a glitch too.  I tried to clean up a few friends that I never play with anymore to make the list shorter on game client and while the game says that you have removed a person from the fiends, it doesn't actually do it.  When you go back to your profile page they are still there.

    Just another thing to show WGT is not supporting Flash already.... never mind waiting until December.


  • TyWebb79
    22 Posts
    Thu, Oct 8 2020 2:44 PM


    .the new version SUCKS.......... agree 100 %

    I agree. Putting is laughable. Why would they include a decimal increment in distance and elevation? That's just nuts. As if putting wasn't hard enough, now we have to split hairs even more. I've enjoyed way, way too many hours on this game (and I've only got 1000 rounds or so) to what amounts to learning how to play a different one. Sorry WGT. Not gonna make the leap unless this is fixed with a similar experience.


  • mgossett
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    Fri, Apr 9 2021 3:32 AM

    Yes, trying to find some advantages but the bottom line is it bites.