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Thu, Aug 6 2020 4:46 PM (0 replies)
  • ron200sx
    9 Posts
    Thu, Aug 6 2020 4:46 PM

    After playing the hell out of this game the last few weeks I have noticed several things that I wish could be improved or fixed.

    Occasionally, not always, in alt shot matches when a proper concede hole option should be given, neither partner is provided an option to do so. Playing 3 or 4 matches a night, I see it at least once or twice a night.

    Playing coin matches where conditions are random, please figure out a way to display the green speed from the start. Especially important on the 1 hole matches.

    If I am on the edge of rough or fringe and the game doesn't auto give you putter and I want to manually change to this, it displays in yards and not feet and makes it impossible to figure out quickly when you are used to a certain routine.

    When looking at a tournament leader board from inside the game, it only shows like the top 20 spots? Why? Please display the top 100 so you can tell if you are top 70 or about what you need to shoot, etc. without having to check on the website where you can get mostly complete details.

    Since I saw on the Showdown tournament you have the ability to post current leader board and my own position updated after each hole. That would be awesome if you did that on all tournaments!

    When looking at the tournament list or my tournaments or other things like that within the game, if I click on anything outside the game, like a web browser, then go back to the list, it is frozen and have to go out and back in, every time. 

    All these thinks are playing the desktop windows version.