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Re: L59 Ping Irons - How long to acclimate to them?

Sun, Apr 11 2021 12:25 PM (25 replies)
  • Miantiao
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    Wed, Oct 21 2020 11:46 AM

    But to be fair, Mags does upgrade his ball on certain courses to remain competitive in the bigger payout events.  He does not always use the L61, so I suspect there are instances when he deems the L61 may just be a small degree less competitive in the those events on certain courses.

    I think you'll find he upgrades distance for par 5s, and for higher spin when using the lvl 80s iron set in tourneys introduced since TopGolf took over the show. In any case the lvl 61 is his regular ball.

    If you can handle the meter of the L90 irons, this is will work for those with quick reflexes or meter timing and likely allow you to play a slightly cheaper ball.

    I'm generally an off ding player missing slightly against the direction of cross breeze and green break. As such a faster meter isn't too troublesome apart from when internet connection is patchy or Flash needs a re-download.

    Since ball cost can grow exponentially depending on how much you play, this too can be a factor in club choices along with the meter speed and whether you are playing recreationally or trying to compete among the better players.

    True, ball sales is where the money is. Nevertheless the only reason I don't use a high spin ball is because I couldn't be bothered putting in the time to map them and become acquainted with their feel. The distance generated from the lvl 48 and 61 ball compares well with a 5.0 distance rated ball. Importantly, in high wind conditions they're easier for me to predict - I don't use charts, spreadsheets or calculators. Not that there's anything wrong with using them of course.

    Now - if you start adding in jacked up sponsor apparel with high end clubs, you can customize your setup to play virtually any ball competitively from what I have seen.  Have seen some post amazing scores with 10 credit WGT balls.  

    I won't be around to see what happens. The game is now a cartoon slot machine. I'll miss the game we've enjoyed over the years. 

    Its a bit like this for me: I like to carry my clubs when playing. I enjoy the walk, so refuse to play courses that stipulate the use of golf carts. 

    I believe the L48 TM is identical to the L61 spec wise but just a slightly faster meter.

    I used the lvl 48 for quite some time and earned half my winnings with it. Before that I used the Cally lvl 33 - best value ball on WGT for social and clash players.

    I always get a laugh playing alt games watching players use a top money ball with not a clue how to use it and think to myself they'd be twice the player if they used the Cally or TMs I've mentioned.

  • Tony08888
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    Thu, Oct 22 2020 8:20 AM


    Just have to get used to the Cally 33’s now instead of lvl 81 TM.

    Best value ball on WGT, and once clubs are mapped to them there's not much difference regarding calc to compensate for spin compared to lvl 48 or 61 TMs.

    I started another thread asking if anyone had mapped the 33’s and haven’t gotten a reply. So, after reading above I started playing the 33 with the 47 numbers. The spin and distance rating on the 33 are both down by .5 from the 47, but the results aren’t bad especially on the shorter irons and the wedges. It seems on the mid wedges, what is lost on distance is made up for with some roll out.

    The longer irons are a little more difficult to figure out on approach shots. So some work will need to be put in there. Happy with the 33’s though.

  • el3n1
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    Thu, Oct 22 2020 12:17 PM

    I think you'll find he upgrades distance for par 5s

    I found or observed that he will use the L93 TM on courses like Chambers, Erin Hills, and Wolf Creek especially with C13 and C14 green speeds.  It is why I suspect there is a slight competitive advantage in doing so. I believe he even dabbled with the L87 Titleist on WC.

    I did not suggest the L61 was not his go to normal ball though.  But, he is one of the most versatile players when it comes to ball use, at least from what I have seen. 

  • NickolasMagos
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    Thu, Oct 22 2020 3:29 PM

    I use starter balls.  No need to map anything.  I did try some upgraded WGT balls at 50 cents a three pack because they had a slower meter and a bit extra spin, but after I ran out of them and went back to the starter balls I was constantly late on the meter pushing everything way right.  Not worth it imo.  The ping 1500s have a 4 meter speed so it's not terribly hard.  The wedges at 3 are much harder.

    3 spin is not bad if you can land it considerably in front of the hole and let it run up.  No problem with mid and short irons.  The long irons and woods you need to account for more roll and a pathway to reach the middle of the green or hole.  The low trajectory can land you in bunkers or water hazards.

  • Dirtysanchez333
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    Sat, Apr 10 2021 8:09 PM

    Great Post

    I just started playing a couple months ago and have been frustrated with my play because of the started clubs being terrible. But I've been patient and have saved all my coins from videos and surveys. 

    I just hit level 56 and will be at 59 very shortly. Being that it's the Masters this weekend, we have free 24 hour rentals. I rented everything under the sun and then some. LOL. 

    So I will be purchasing The Volkey Wedges 60,75 & 105 Yard clubs. Also will be getting the TM Spider Putter @ L51. Been using it the last 24hrs and been on fire with it. Also will be purchasing the Cally Mavrik 3W L51 as I have the Driver already from L31, so am already familiar with the feel of the club and have hit it extremely well during this free rental weekend.

    I use the L35 Cally soft ball, but will give the L33 a try at 250CR. The one I use is 300CR and if the L33 is better for me, than I'll make the swithch and enjoy the savings as well. 

    So can't wait to get to level 59 to get these Ping irons as I've seen alot of players who I've Played against using them. It's just nice to be at a point where I can now be competative. 

    I'll let you know how i fair when I start playing with them. 

    Cheers Martin

  • stevie1026
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    Sun, Apr 11 2021 12:25 PM

    Martin, IMO woods, wedges and balls are as much personal preference and feel than anything. Those L59 Ping irons tho are a no brainer. Be patient with them, high trajectory will take some getting used to. I made legend with them and played them straight thru to L90.During that time you can make adjustments to your other equipment as you see fit. Good luck, hit em well....Stevie1026