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Re: Flop from bunker

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Tue, Jul 28 2020 5:10 PM (13 replies)
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  • alanti
    10,549 Posts
    Tue, Jul 28 2020 3:00 AM

    I am very rarely in the green side bunkers but when I am I always flop.

    Under some conditions, flop works well, but it depends on the lie and elevation and even different courses will have different results. One shot for all purposes is bad advice imo. Pitch and punch also work equally well - again horses for courses...learn what works for any particular hole/bunker etc.

    To the OP. not everything is a bug, it is you never took the time to try and master your of the WGT are out to get me brigade.

    However, I do find it easier to stop a ball from sand (depending on lie, elevation and gradient) in real golf than on here......but this is far removed from the real course. 

  • club578
    394 Posts
    Tue, Jul 28 2020 7:17 AM

    flop works good if up against the wall of a bunker

  • DonCaron
    5,387 Posts
    Tue, Jul 28 2020 2:05 PM




    flops out from bunker have to work better. 

    How is wgt not changing this bug ??

    It is not a bug. You don’t get much if any backspin out of sand. And who actually flops out of sand in real golf? Wgt needs one more shot type that is only available if you are in a bunker. The blast but the blast can be simulated pretty well with the punch. In quite a few of the green side bunkers the pitch works well. 

    Some games call it splash Shot.

    I flop when the pin is close out of the bunker. 6-7 Yards and add 7-10 with full backspin.

    Depending on how much rough I have to hit over

  • AnaNikolaj
    50 Posts
    Tue, Jul 28 2020 5:10 PM



    PS - you have to remember to aim well left of the hole as the flop shot on the ding throws the ball out to the right...

    In fact, you don't. Ding the first mark where the bar turns blue, and aim straight to the target. You won't lose any distance, but the ball goes straight to your aiming point. 



    Wrong on 2 counts. Although it goes straight to the hole, if you hit it at the first marker,it loses both power and spin. And this gets amplified,when playing from a bunker. You need a ding from there or it'll lose half the distance. But when dinged, it'll land on 11y (20y flop) and roll for a yard or 2 max, unless it lands on a downslope.


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