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Re: On the verge of just giving up

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Thu, May 14 2020 8:23 AM (12 replies)
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  • HackWilson1930
    1,358 Posts
    Thu, May 14 2020 4:27 AM

    Currently you have attempted fewer that 5000 putts. Brett has attempted more that 88,000. One of the best WGT players, fmagnets, has attempted over 350,000 putts. No matter what you do to learn putting, whether it is a formula or a mapping of every green, you must put in the time and effort. Tiger did not learn to putt after just 250 rounds.

  • pdiehm
    144 Posts
    Thu, May 14 2020 5:20 AM

    i will say this, you're over par on par 3's, and par 5's.  That tells me your approaches are about average or lower.  Even good approaches you should be 2 putting for par on the par 3's, and assuming you can get on in 3 for the par 5's.  If you can get on the par 5's in 2, you should be scoring a birdie with a simple 2 putt.

    When I was a level 34 or something, the best thing I did was join Texas Lone Stars.  I learned how to play the game from very very good players.  StevenDees simplified it for me.  Fairways and Greens.  If you are ever not sure whether you can pinhunt, the middle of the green is never a bad choice.  Eventually my game improved (probably when I got the high trajectory irons), and i'm able to have rounds where i average 1.5 yards to the cup.

    For putting, I use a simple formula, not sure who I got it from, but it seems to work.

    ((Distance +/- Elevation)+2)*Green Speed multiplier.

    7.9 = 1.1

    9.0 = 0.9

    10 = 0.825

    12 =  0.69

    13 = 0.64

    14 = 0.58


    Example:  a putt 8.4', down 1.2" on 12 greens:

    ((8.4-1.2)+2) * 0.69 = 6.3' of power.  This is just the putting power, reading the break is a whole 'nother ballgame, that I haven't figured out.  Supposedly once you have the speed, the line is based on said speed, and typically the slower the putt (6.3' in this instance), the more break that will be played, vs the harder the putt (say you want to hit this with 2 extra feet of power for 8.3' for this 8.4" putt) will cut your break in half, but if you miss, you are looking at a 6'+ par save which is dicey to say the least.

  • pdiehm
    144 Posts
    Thu, May 14 2020 8:23 AM



    Putting on the PC version is 100x easier than the mobile version.  


    That hasn't been my experience at all. If anything, you have it backwards. I play mostly on the new version, but I had to play on Mobile for a while and I was amazed at how easy the putting was compared to PCEA and flash. On mobile it seems like all you have to do is put the marker close to the right spot and the ball drops. PCEA is not nearly as forgiving, and flash is even more difficult. And it's not just putting. The mobile game is significantly easier across the board, especially compared to the flash game. 

    At least that's been my experience. 

    I wish it was as easy as getting it close.  Lol.  I bet 95% of the putts I miss are either edge high or edge low.  Sometimes it even appears the ball goes over the outer 3rd of the hole and doesn’t fall.

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