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Re: New Game Option

Thu, Apr 9 2020 10:43 AM (3 replies)
  • alpenpirat
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    Tue, Apr 7 2020 1:04 AM


    A useful extension would be to see who is online from the playerlistt in the club menu.

    There is no use if I have a number of friends and are not connected due to the time constraints.


    So you can spontaneously invite people who are active.

  • HackWilson1930
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    Tue, Apr 7 2020 6:35 AM

    There are a number of useful tools already available to you to find games with friends. You recently joined a country club with 247 members, almost all of whom are active players. How many of these players have you  sent friend requests to?

    You have a list of 54 friends. How often do you cull this list? I regularly go through my list of friends searching for people I have not played with or seen on line recently. I remove those who don't meet certain criteria so that I have a usable list.

    Have you looked for players using Discord. There are several clubs that use Discord servers for both written and voice chat. With Discord, unlike WGT's one country club rule, people can join multiple servers. This allows you to have an even larger number of contacts and is a great way to set up matches in real time.

    Have you gone to the WGT Community tab, hit the WGT Players tab and then used the search criteria of only players from Austria?  I found 7 players who had an "invite to play" buttons available. This search will list those players who are on WGT in real time first before going to the general list of all Austrian players who have WGT accounts. 

    You can further refine this list by putting in  tier. From that list, even if a player is not on line, by clicking on the plus sign (+), a friend request will be sent.

    It does not take too much effort to use he tools that are available to create a list of "friends" that are willing to play. One thing to remember is that the "Friends" list does not work well when you have more that 250 "friends".

  • alpenpirat
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    Tue, Apr 7 2020 6:54 AM


    I am assuming that I have been with WGT long enough to know what works here.


    What use are 120 people on my friends list if I am also time-bound. Because of that, also the option I mentioned. So I can see on the game side who is active from my CC and invite them. 

  • alpenpirat
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    Thu, Apr 9 2020 10:43 AM




    What does one have to do with the other? As you describe it, I first have to look for the main player list from the main page. And whether a green light also means a presence says nothing.

    Or what makes sense to show who is online in the list of players in the CC Club menu. From there I can then search for individual players.