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Re: people who disconnect during a game

Thu, Jan 21 2021 7:53 AM (31 replies)
  • IleJovcevski1979
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    Tue, Dec 15 2020 10:50 AM

    I hope one day we get the option of blocking people who quit mid game, after it becomes apparent they can no longer win or tie. I'm fed up with this. Resign if you can't win. Don't waste my time. :( 

  • pdb1
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    Tue, Dec 15 2020 5:27 PM

      Good 1st post . But realistically . The chances of matching up with the same random players again are slim to none .

      There are a lot of reasons , excuses , glitches , etc that cause games to end early .

      Not the least of which is the human factor . It is a hard sell to many to convince that game time is so sacred . That exiting is not possible . Especially in rounds where there is no benefit or gain . Or just plain don't count .

      You , like many of us . Play till the end no matter what . Unfortunately this trend you see is very common . More than I have ever seen it .

      You might end up with a bigger banned list than you have friends .

      Here is what I wrote on the previous page ,


      Probably completely different issues . You responded 9 years after the post . All good .

    Can WGT send everyone guidelines or something?

      Yes if you look in the options box in the game client . There is a forfeit prompt . It is the WGT recommended polite way to exit a game . It is not mandatory to use the forfeit prompt . So many people just leave . But 99 out of 100 were " disconnected " .

    PLEASE apply penalties to people who do this.

      No penalties since it is most often not their fault .

      Or they just don't want to play anymore or something came up . Can't penalize for that .

      Also forfeits and disconnection only occur in non ranked events and rounds . Rounds that do not count for anything . So it doesn't matter , if they have something else they had to do .

      In Stroke Play ( the only ranked round format ) If everyone else disconnects or leaves the game . You will still be allowed to continue solo . Which is GR8 . Because only you can affect your score .

      Now there is even more non counting , non ranked rounds to be played . Faster , quicker . Seems like it's breeding some very impatient players .

      Anyway . Thanks for posting . And play well .

      Oh . And CONGRATS .


  • Paulmcarthur0
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    Tue, Dec 15 2020 9:36 PM

    I agree, it wastes time and sometimes can mess you up a bit. Had it happen in the last showdown and I got 3 bogeys when I was one under. Very annoying

  • pdiehm
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    Wed, Dec 16 2020 7:34 AM

    happens all the time.  the other night, I was -6 through 4 holes in a Shanghai match.  guy goes, I can't compete, and bails.  This bothers me for a few reasons.  I'm a coach, and if you don't play/practice you can't get better, ask your opponent questions, i'll answer them, and at least try to explain what I do in 45 seconds.  Lastly, just have fun, coins are useless...yeah the hits on the ball are valuable, so I kind of get it...but it's what?  another 15 hits?  


    last night, 3 holes into a shanghai, guy is -3, I stone my approach to 1' and he quits.  it's annoying, and it's a problem.  you shouldn't be allowed to quit or forfeit once you start a match.

  • pdb1
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    Wed, Dec 16 2020 8:52 AM

    it's annoying, and it's a problem.  you shouldn't be allowed to quit or forfeit once you start a match.

      I already responded to the guy above . I thought it would be posted by now .

      The problem isn't a problem . It is the way it is .

      You can't force them to continue their humiliation . Not to mention the thousand other legitimate reasons there are for quitting a game .

      Especially these you are referring to . That are quick fun . One and done . Three and out . Etc .

      Not worth the grief .

      Take the win and try the next guy .

  • pdb1
    21,014 Posts
    Wed, Dec 16 2020 9:02 AM


    I agree, it wastes time and sometimes can mess you up a bit. Had it happen in the last showdown and I got 3 bogeys when I was one under. Very annoying



    Another 1st poster .

      Not sure what your gripe is . But keep posting .

      CONGRATS .

  • HenryKawa
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    Fri, Dec 18 2020 8:35 AM

    I agree with Paul on this issue.  I only play Match Play because, when I started WGT I didn't have a lot of time.  I played while sitting in my office at work, after all my meetings and phone calls and signing papers, etc.  But I didn't have a lot of time so in Match Play 30 second clock, I was usually able to finish a game in 20 minutes and sometimes sooner.  If you win the first 5 holes, the game is over.   

    If I was ahead and my opponent quit, great.  Another win on my record and it ended quicker.  If I still had enough time, I would find another opponent and play a second game.  Playing this way, I was able to get a lot of games in over the years, with a 94% win record.  Its not a Ranked game, so it does not impact my Average, but I don't care.  I play to win and have fun.  Winning is most important so that I can maintain my win percentage RECORD.

    Why do  you play?  Does it really matter that your opponent quit?   

  • shing1
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    Sat, Dec 19 2020 10:48 AM

    players are quitting cos its a crap game,,, i dont blame them anymore

  • IleJovcevski1979
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    Sun, Jan 10 2021 7:08 PM

    Thanks mate. Good points. I wish i had enough time to frequent these forums most often, instead of just lurking,

    The irritating part is that sometimes it's just obvious. You heartbeat, they water hazard, and then then you wait.....and wait.....

    And then again, when i play friendly games with my friends or brother, non rated ones, i'm stuck at one timeout......  i just think there's some room for improvement here. 

  • pdb1
    21,014 Posts
    Mon, Jan 11 2021 10:37 AM

      Besides all the obvious already pointed out stuff like there is no way to stop life from happening and there are millions of things that can distract a person from a virtual golf game and without a thought just opt out and do whatever .

      There are glitches and feature problems .

      Then there is me . With a very weak internet connection . That loses the connection every 2 minutes . More often not returning . I gotta believe that I am not the only one with that condition .

      There is no fix or cure for any of the disconnections . It is what it is .