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Re: wgt help balls

Tue, Nov 5 2019 9:12 PM (2 replies)
  • Patriknord
    20 Posts
    Sun, Nov 3 2019 8:33 AM

    Hello. i know maxballs are good, but durability is only 2 . why not 2.5? i mean, it makes me happy if we can use that balls longer, i love the ball and want to buy it again, but pls let us play with the ball longer.  tnx / Patrik

  • ScottHope
    7,734 Posts
    Mon, Nov 4 2019 1:30 PM

    Hello Patrik, it's unlikely that WGT would change the specification of a product. But as there are 142 different balls in the shop (351 if you include the available colours) there's no shortage of choice.

    Check out my tables for what's there.

  • hpurey
    11,196 Posts
    Tue, Nov 5 2019 9:12 PM

    The L34, L35, and L39 Callaway balls have the same specs (distance & spin) with 2.5 durability.  Faster meter than the Max Pro but cheaper and more durable.  Something I like to do to help the faster meter is play a few holes with the starter ball for the fast meter and then when I switch back to the Callaway ball, it doesn't seem so fast.  ;-)