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Things That Are Missing

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Sun, Oct 13 2019 11:16 AM (0 replies)
  • DufferJohn7
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    Sun, Oct 13 2019 11:16 AM

    Disclosure: I have NOT downloaded the early access version. My head explodes reading the posts of all the workarounds and hassles getting it started. I'll wait until the next revision, assuming there is one. But as a PC player I am making the effort to explore the mobile game. One of the fun aspects of WGT is it's social features. Golf is a solitary game enjoyed with others. The PC version has that same feel. However, most of what provides the interaction among players is missing in the mobile game.

    When the mobile app opens: No WGT Golf News, no Friend Updates

    My Profile Page: No Awards tab, no replays, no blog, no activity, no wall, no match/AS history, no way to click a tournament I played to see my standing on the leaderboard.

    CC Page: No member activity, incomplete leaderboard, Club forum access requires a mobile browser

    No access to WGT main forum

    Not to mention no match/AS/skins formats

    As for actual game play it's different but I think my club maps and calculations hold up well.  Reading the greens will require relearning but doable. The green view is interesting but I'll need to figure out how to use it. I haven't played enough to comment on wind effects. The cameras are different but again learnable. After setting spin the amount of spin set isn't visible at least to my aging eyes. Setting spin is different but maybe better as It is sort of number of taps. On PC I set spin by the relation of the dot to the ball trademark.

    I agree with the observations about the avatar, screen layout, size and position of the various information boxes and minimap. All need to be improved.

    Overall without the social interations it will be a fun game to play on occasion but my time and money investment wil go down and I'l miss my virtual clubmates and competitors.

    Having fun and hitting 'em straight as long as I can,