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Re: Legend-NOT

Tue, May 5 2020 11:19 AM (21 replies)
  • DonCaron
    5,392 Posts
    Mon, Dec 23 2019 8:09 AM


    I just ranked up to Master and I’m struggling with the tees, it’s a lot to readjust to

    This is the first big move and the last call to consider custom clubs & balls.

    He is now a Legend and doing very good at adjusting to it.

  • NoShoes007
    11 Posts
    Tue, May 5 2020 11:19 AM

    I think this transition is not at all fair. I, as many spend a lot of money on here to play better. This is not fun anymore. Been playing this game for many years and this is rediculous! Why penalize your better players like this? Why penalize anyone? As you advance you should get better not worse. Something got to be done here. This just is not right to have to spend even more money and invest in all this added time on each flippin shot. WGT I am not a happy member.