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Re: On Becomeing a Tour Champion

Tue, Mar 9 2021 4:46 PM (62 replies)
  • Robert1893
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    Tue, Feb 16 2021 2:36 PM


    When WGT upped the # of rounds from 200 to 500 to get from Champ to TC a while back, they mentioned certain players were grand-fathered and still under 200 round saturation.  So I asked and I was told I was one of them.

    My first thought was thanks for no favors.  I was happy to be rid of fmagnets, birchi, etc ... not insulting them ... they are just too good/consistent and deserve their accolades. 

    Three months later I became a TC, lol.


    Of course, if a player really wanted to, it's not all that difficult to avoid tiering up to TC even if one's average is based on 200 rounds. I would guess the overwhelming majority of players are not going to get their average to 55.00 by playing default tees. Just look at their recent rounds from those tees.

    Most get there by playing CC tournaments from the forward tees. Typically, they term them "average busters" or something similar to that. There's a reason they call them that. 

    Nothing wrong with that approach. People have all sorts of goals that are their own. But they do sorta lose the right to complain (or brag) when they do tier up. 

    Jus sayin.

  • el3n1
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    Wed, Feb 17 2021 5:06 PM

    Of course, if a player really wanted to

    To put it into perspective...or try to anyway...

    When I have followed or checked in on some of the big events even those played by Tour Champs when they are single play rounds and challenging conditions - you don't even necessarily see those among the best players in the game shooting scores that would qualify as "tour champ" 55 average... I think Fmagnets did though for the Virtual etour on RSG.

    Now put them on Wolf Creek and they may go into the 40's even during single play... but that might be with ideal wind set over the entire round. 

    Take a look at the last Live Series where all those who qualified shot virtually flawless rounds in Unlimited play... ONLY 3 people I think broke 60 and two tied for 58 in the single play round.  I thought that is what I saw, I haven't dug up the leaderboard.

    This does not dismiss or discount the skill of these players in any shape or form... but it does appear to suggest to me at least, saturation and unlimited play - has a pretty big impact on the game overall.  


  • jacktrade51
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    Tue, Mar 9 2021 4:46 PM

    Most get there by playing CC tournaments from the forward tees. Typically, they term them "average busters" or something similar to that. There's a reason they call them that.

    Black Diamond GC is a club that caters to all skill levels Pro+, so we have to make it fun for all players.  Helping players tier up is part of that.

    So, yes, we have an "Average Buster" every week.  I have never played it more than once per week except when I was at 60.1 average and been a Legend 3 years ... that week I played it 7 times to move my average 0.1 (there were a couple of bad rounds in there).

    The trick to running a club is to find different ways to make up tournaments that are fun.  We have 2 brutal custom courses where getting below par is even difficult for Champs.  We also have an Eagle Ally custom course where failing to get to 54 or 55 is a poor round.  For those of us not elite, fun is the priority.

    Nobody knowledgeable about WGT will confuse average with skill.  At best it's a guideline.  There are elite players, some of whom I have watched play and some on my friends list, that I will never equal.  I accept that.