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Re: precision stats

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Wed, Jan 27 2021 5:50 AM (10 replies)
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  • pdiehm
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    Wed, Jan 27 2021 5:50 AM


    Accuracy is how close you got to the target you were aiming at.

    Precision is how consistent your shots are: For example, you take 10 shots all aimed at the same place, how close are those shots bundled together. The smaller the spray footprint the more precise you are. Note: You can be precise but not accurate. Your gun shots are all bundled together (shooting precisely)  but you have the gun aimed in the wrong direction (not accurate).

    The club has a sweet spot, the ding line. The further you are from the ding line the less accurate you are going to be to the target. Extra forgiveness diminishes the effects of missing the ding line.

    With respect to putting: if you are a ding putter, you want high precision and high forgiveness. If you are an off ding putter, you want high precision and lower forgiveness. Precision is always a good thing. There is a thread about precision tests with different club and putters.

    You would think that.  As an owner of a golden putter, i can absolutely confirm that it's not as accurate or precise as the ratings would indicate.  I'll even go so far as to say, the higher forgiveness of that putter doesn't do a damn thing either.  

    I have been using the 98 Sabertooth for a few weeks and IMO, it holds the line on putts better than the gold putter.

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