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Re: what happened?

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Mon, Apr 8 2019 6:40 PM (5 replies)
  • wing327
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    Sun, Apr 7 2019 3:43 PM

    surveys don't load it just me?

  • lonniescott711
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    Sun, Apr 7 2019 5:42 PM

    Must be just you . The Peanut Labs surveys are loading for me . Those are the only ones that I do .Try using a different browser . Im using Chrome with no problems at all with the game .Maxthon Cloud browser 4.9 1000 is a good one to use as well ,

  • TopShelf2010
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    Mon, Apr 8 2019 4:52 AM


  • armedenfidel13
    1 Posts
    Mon, Apr 8 2019 7:57 AM

    Survey's not loading for me either ???



  • JimbeauC
    5,835 Posts
    Mon, Apr 8 2019 8:02 AM

    It's possible that your account has been red flagged. I've heard of this happening when people all of a sudden change gender, age, race, etc. in order to qualify for a particular survey. 

    I don't do surveys much any more, but when I do, I'm always an old white guy. 

    It's also possible that they monitor how long folk spend on a survey. Rushing and fairly obviously christmas treeing the answers wouldn't be a good idea. 

    Not saying either of these is your particular problem. Just informing.

  • wing327
    5 Posts
    Mon, Apr 8 2019 6:40 PM

     they are back is good