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Tue, Jan 15 2019 10:51 AM (5 replies)
  • amateur4sure
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    Wed, Nov 14 2018 1:12 PM

    No matter whether it be World Cup, A/S, Ryder Cup or any other Competition, How about a True Live game thread.........

    There are plenty of people out there that want to watch and learn from better players or like myself (when i stream live) give others the opportunity to have a laugh, At my expense, Whatever, Personally I could not give a rats ass, I try to play my best but always for fun, If it ain`t fun it ain`t golfing...........

    Until recent events I used to love watching other Players playing live, Logging into Twitch etc and have a great crack with the fun crown in the thread along with the players streaming.

    Personally I had a great rapport with some of our top players and that was all down to me throwing myself out there for a laugh, I have some outstanding friends both at SEL and a gang that I support on the Twitch scene..

    How about we all get back to the fun aspect of the game as well as the learning from others scenario............ but basically just having fun............

    Yep Folks I`m really saying this out loud so a thumbs up for the fun crowd..

    Stay safe gang.




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    Tue, Nov 20 2018 7:36 AM

    i  hear ya dodgy,i might be the only one but i hear ya 

  • AussieMick11
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    Tue, Nov 20 2018 7:47 AM

    I agree, Chris! Fun is the most important part. I enjoy watching and learning from the best, though I admit I only play on a tiny, toy phone.

    Here's to keeping the fun times rolling!


  • amateur4sure
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    Thu, Nov 22 2018 2:26 PM

    Cheers Guys..

    I did not expect many, If any people to respond here and I really was not looking for that, I was basically putting it out there my side of the story and it has to be fun, Everybody who knows me knows what I`m like and what I like.

    As far as the live streams go Yes, Loads of people would like to watch the better players playing live and hopefully learn from them but anyway thanks for your replies Guys.

    Stay safe and keep smiling.

  • jw1k
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    Tue, Jan 15 2019 10:19 AM

    I don’t frequent the forums often so just now seeing this. 


    You thinking just a heads up when matches are going to be played? I stream anytime I’m playing, regardless of how good or bad the rounds are. Most MPC’s or skins rounds just pop up out of the blue when whomever is on discord wants to get a round going. 


    Im happy to post here as well as share the thread with guys in the C.C. who stream. See about getting them to post before any possibly good matches. And the World Cup is shaping up so I’m sure a lot of streams will be going for those. 

  • amateur4sure
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    Tue, Jan 15 2019 10:51 AM

    :-) cheers Guys I`m with you, Lots of people like to watch as i do and I have made many friends that way, I stream any game that I am NOT playing alone, Boring zzz lol

    Seriously so much fun in the chat box and once the nerves of streaming your play live yikes its all good.

    No matter how I`m playing (majority badly) but I like the fun and banter in Twitch, Thanks Fmags for pushing me mate.


    All about the fun Folks.